Middle School Accidentally Puts Number of Sex Hotline Instead Of Suicide Hotline on ID
Wed, April 21, 2021

Middle School Accidentally Puts Number of Sex Hotline Instead Of Suicide Hotline on ID


A middle school student who dialed a phone number listed for a suicide hotline on the back of her student ID was shocked after she was connected to a sex hotline. 

People.com, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, reported that the New Vista Middle School in Lancaster, California immediately pulled out its students’ ID cards right after they heard the news that they had given the wrong number to their students. District Superintendent Michele Bowers expressed her apologies for the error they committed. 


Photo Credit: scyther5 (via 123RF)


She explained that the phone numbers were a mistake. Bowers also noted that all the ID cards that contain incorrect phone numbers have been collected and the middle school students would be receiving new ones soon. The error was discovered by Emily Lavelle, who said in an interview that she was “in disbelief” when she and a friend dialed the number because of boredom after school.


Photo Credit: New Vista Middle School/Google Maps (via People.com)


“Someone who genuinely needs help like that, they shouldn’t hear that kind of thing from what they thought was going to help them,” Lavelle said. She advises the school administration to fact-check this kind of information before releasing it to their students. 

When Emily told her mom Janene about it, she posted a photo of the ID on Facebook, where it went viral before she reported it to the school administration. “In my opinion, anything the district puts out, they’re responsible for, I don’t really expect them to do a whole lot more than apologize and fix it,” Janene said in an interview.

On the other hand, the owner of the sex hotline was kind enough to have all the calls accidentally connected to the sex hotline forwarded to the suicide prevention hotline in the meantime.