This Woman’s Husband May Be Too Into Halloween
Sun, April 18, 2021

This Woman’s Husband May Be Too Into Halloween


Sabrina Zimmerman’s husband may just be too into Halloween. 


The Indiana resident and her husband, Evan Zimmerman, went viral recently when Evan was pictured wearing a Michael Myers face mask and seen slightly annoying his admittedly slightly bemused wife. 


According to a report by, the 5 million views on Sabrina’s video and 159,000 shares show just how into the Halloween spirit Evan is. The video starts off with Sabrina in her car and then spotting her husband already donning the Michael Myers costume from the 1978 slasher film “Halloween.” He was riding a pink bicycle with a child carrier attached to the back with a baby skeleton inside. 


Photo Credit via Sabrina Zimmerman on Facebook and Today


Sabrina was understandably bewildered to see it, but other users on Facebook found it incredibly funny in a wholesome way. 


Sabrina wasted no time in telling Evan to change out of the costume, or else she would have Evan “committed.” 


When asked why he wore the costume, Evan, 36, said that he had always liked being Michael Myers for Halloween, saying, “There’s something about Michael with the white face and the way he walks. He creeps people out more than anybody.” 


Evan also added that prior to his wife’s video going viral, he had already been rocking his Michael Myers costume since 2012 but that this was the first time his wife had recorded him wearing it. Obviously, it wasn’t just Evan who found the costume amusing. 


To sell the character, Evan says he also sometimes goes around people's yards and fields to “look at them through the window.” He also carries around a fake butcher knife with him, just for that added Halloween touch. 


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Some kids who recognize him would even ask if they could take pictures with him. He says there are still many more people who get terrified, and understandably so, but he complies with those who want their picture taken. 


For all his efforts to terrify, though, he clarifies that he does not scare or creep out the elderly. 



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