Couple Who Pushed Through With Wedding During the Kincade Fire Goes Viral 
Mon, April 19, 2021

Couple Who Pushed Through With Wedding During the Kincade Fire Goes Viral 


A newlywed couple has gone viral after doing a photoshoot after the giant Kincade fire, while everyone else was seeking refuge and evacuating. 


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According to British news source The Guardian, the couple stayed behind to take the pictures and pushed for the ceremony to be held outside despite the bad air quality.


The couple, Katie and Curtis Ferland, took the picture “standing outside their Chateau St. Jean winery wedding in Sonoma county.” They also said that the reason why they wanted to push through with the ceremony despite the conditions was because the wedding itself had been planned by Katie and Curtis for over a year now. 


Their guests, who also flew in from different states to attend the wedding, were on board with it, too, considering the distance they traveled just for the wedding. 


According to The Guardian, about 185,000 people evacuated when the fire started, taking shelter elsewhere and leaving their homes for safer places to wait out the fire. Other wedding events that were also happening in the county at the same time were moved indoors.


Photo Credit via KMR Photography via The Guardian


By the time that the wedding pictures were being taken and the ceremony was being held, The Guardian reports that there had already been about 75,000 acres of land destroyed by the fire, along with 123 structures.


On the viral images, which showed Katie and Curtis donning facemasks and surrounded by plants with the slowly-melting sun on the horizon behind them, their photographer Karna Roa explained how she felt while she was taking the pictures. 


She said she felt a mix of fear and joy for the couple at the same time, but that ultimately her joy “won out” 


“All of us were caught in that dichotomy of joy and sorrow. As a photographer, it’s easy for me to get lost in the moment and feel the joy of the couple,” she explained. 



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