Great Books for Young Readers
Thu, April 22, 2021

Great Books for Young Readers

HuffPost reported that the sales of children’s books and young adult fiction have increased in recent years. / Photo by: Cenz07 via Shutterstock


Having your first book is a significant moment in most everyone’s life. Once you picked up a great novel with its beautiful cover for the first time, it will surely make a mark in your life forever. The attractive cover, the smell of the paper pages inside, and the double-spaced sentences are essential to encourage the younger readers to read the novel from start to finish. Of course, all of these are next only to the great plot and storytelling to keep readers old and new hooked. Without it, the book may just as well be a mere paperweight. 

HuffPost, an American news and opinion website and blog with localized and international editions, reported that the sales of children’s books and young adult fiction have increased in recent years. Surprisingly, these books usually tackle more mature subject matter including gender and sexuality issues that are complex and complicated but presented in a manner that is easily grasped by young minds. 

Here are some of the best books for children and young teens to read today.


According to an article published by The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, this novel is the fourth in the Illumi- series and perfect for those who love reading haunted history. Beautifully illustrated by the design duo Carnovsky and set into words by Lucy Brownridge, the book will take the readers on an illuminating and thrilling journey. 

The book comes with a three-color lens that gives a different perspective to the places featured depending on which color is used. The green lens allows the reader a view of the location and its surroundings as seen in daylight, the red lens will reveal the remnants of history, while the blue lens unveils the supernatural things that are lurking behind the shadows. Goodreads, a social cataloging website, shared that the book is filled with historical facts and rich folklore from around the world. 

The Milan-based Carnovsky decided to put together the stories, folk tales, and legends in interactive illustrations that show the history and haunted secrets of different places around the world, namely Hermitage (Russia), St. Therese Shipwreck (Greece), Bran Castle (Romania), Salem (Massachusetts, USA), The Tower of London (UK), Bhangarh Fort (India), Black Forest (Germany), San Juan Chamula Cemetery (Mexico), Picton (Australia), and the Giza Pyramids (Egypt).


Illuminightmare is the fourth in the Illumi- series and perfect for those who love reading haunted history. / Photo by: Evgeny Atamanenko via Shutterstock


The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat

Children should read books and other materials that will help them improve their skill sets. Gifted children as young as three will enjoy “The Adventure of Penrose the Mathematical Cat.” Verywell Family, a modern resource that offers a realistic and friendly approach to pregnancy and parenting, mentioned that this book consists of several vignettes and each has different math topics. 

It is composed of several stories that are short and end with mathematical problems that are based on the story’s topic. This book is perfect for school-age kids who never like mathematics as it will help them actually like it. The 132 pages will take the young readers to Penrose’s adventurous tour of mathematical concepts like fractals and infinity. 

The Somerset Tsunami

Written by Emma Carroll, the book features the fascinating story of 17th-century witch-hunting and wild waters, the novel revolves around the story of Fortune Sharpe, who carves a boat from a tree together with her brother Jem. However, now is not the right time for a young girl to be focused on herself, and so she is sent away to find a job but she needs to dress as a boy. 

Once she disguises herself as a boy, she does found a job as a helper at a manor house by the sea. The novel will show how she survives a fearsome tsunami. The fast-paced adventure that this novel offers brings some intense reading sessions that the young reader will surely enjoy.

Beast Feast

Most young readers can be encouraged to read a novel if it has pictures in it. Written by Emma Yarlett, “Beast Feast” tells the story of a hungry Beast that has captured a child. The Guardian explained that as the Beast invites his friends to share and devour the child, the quick-witted Dinner has ideas that can save him from his impending demise. 

This entertaining and enjoyable children’s book has amazing and colorful illustrations throughout. They complement the story perfectly. Whispering Stories, a book blog that features book reviews, author interviews, and author guest posts, mentioned that the novel has a beautiful narrative that makes it a great read for Halloween.

The Deathless Girls

For teenagers, “The Deathless Girls” written by Kiran Millwood Hargrave should be an enjoyable book to read. It features the story of 17-year-old twins Lil and Kizzy who are torn from their community. They are later forced to serve in the kitchens of a Transylvanian nobleman’s castle. Lil grows close to her fellow slave named Mira until the Dragon changes the twins’ lives forever.