This User Did a Twitter Thread On How To Disappear From the Internet 
Wed, April 14, 2021

This User Did a Twitter Thread On How To Disappear From the Internet 

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Twitter user Liam (@somenerdliam) detailed how you could delete about 99 percent of your identity and yourself from the internet’s greedy, endless chasm of knowledge. 



According to IFL Science, a website for all the stuff you need from the fun side of science, Liam’s suggestion was given through a Twitter thread, a format most popular on the platform. While there will surely be news and articles and profiles done on you on the internet whether you’re famous or not, Liam says there is a way to at least almost delete everything you’ve ever posted. 


In his thread, he called himself a “code-monkey,” and added that--true to form--what we see as his name on the platform is a strategy in line with this low-key presence on the internet. His first name is only observable from the name tag, but other than that, he says he rarely gives his real full name. 


Twitter people seem to have easily acclimatized to the message, because in no time, his tweet explaining how disappearing from the internet already racked up a total of 100,000 retweets. 


His first step reads: 


“Go through each email you can think of that you’ve used in the past 10 years. You’ll want to recover from them if you’ve lost access so that you can access other websites you may have signed up to using them.” 



This was followed by a step concerning adjacent accounts that you might have logged on in and are connected to various services and websites that require your email address. He also suggests going through the email accounts you’ve used before--if you are already decided on this--and “use the search function on your email to look for phrases such as “Sign Up” or “Welcome,” which are commonly attached to emails sent for confirmation on a great many platforms on the internet. 


Throughout the entire thread, he also explains how to delete yourself from Google, and protect yourself in case Google is tracking you or touching your data in any way. There’s also a tweet detailing how you can protect yourself from other services aside from Google. 


The entire thread is about ten steps long and goes into just enough detail for everyone to understand clearly. So, if you want to go off the grid, you might want to check out Liam’s thread.