Rabbits Surf Through The Floodwater On Sheep’s Backs
Wed, April 21, 2021

Rabbits Surf Through The Floodwater On Sheep’s Backs


The Independent UK, a Russian-owned British newspaper, reported that a farmer photographed wild rabbits while riding on the backs of sheep in order to escape from the rising floodwaters in New Zealand. 

The farmer, Ferg Horne, 64, claimed that he had never seen anything like it so he snapped the picture immediately. Adorable as it is, Horne knew that his family would never believe him. “I couldn’t believe it for a start,” Horne added. The farmer said in an interview that he was trying to make his way through the deluge so that he could rescue a neighbor’s 40 sheep from the floodwaters. 

The flood happened at a South Island farm near Dunedin, and Horne spotted some unusual shapes from a distance. He was confused at first because he knew that his neighbor, who was away in Russia attending a nephew’s wedding, didn't have any black-faced sheep. 


Photo Credit: Associated Press via The Independent


When he investigated it, he saw that the shapes were wild rabbits hitching a ride on top of the sheep. The farmer saw that the sheep were huddled together on a high spot on the farm, and they were standing in about three inches of water. 

The rabbits got wet, but they remained comfortable and relaxed atop their fleeced and wooly friends. Horne said that he typically shoots rabbits, which are considered pests in New Zealand. However, he thought that the rabbits showed so much initiative, they deserved to live. 


Photo Credit: Paul Maguire (via 123RF)


He herded the sheep to dry ground on the farm, just 50 meters away. “As they jumped through the water, the rabbits had a jolly good try at staying on,” Horne said in an interview. He shared that the rabbits were clinging to the wool of the sheep using their paws, and they fell off right after they reached higher ground.



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