Museum Holds Creepiest Doll Contest
Tue, April 20, 2021

Museum Holds Creepiest Doll Contest


Are you tired of the usual activities during Halloween? You’re in luck! A new attraction was put together at a Minnesota museum after it arranged a contest for the creepiest dolls. HuffPost, an American news and opinion website and blog, reported that the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester posted photos and videos of its terrifying doll collections on social media. 


Photo Credit: History Center of Olmsted County (via MSN)


Right in time for the Halloween season, these social media posts are also taking votes for the most nightmarish doll. Dan Nowakowski, the museum curator, said in an interview that the freakishness of the dolls comes from their eyes. Some of the dolls on display have movable eyelids that snap open when you lift them. The dolls also have paint chipped off their faces, which can make them look like mummies.

Visitors can see a 19th-century toy with real human hair, dead eyes, and a mischievous grin at the museum. Nowakowski was responsible for determining which dolls were scary enough to be part of the competition. 


Photo Credit: Sportority, Inc (via MSN)


According to MSN, a web portal and related collection of Internet services and apps for Windows and mobile devices, the museum also measured each doll's fear factor based on the likes it garnered on social media. One 169-year-old handmade doll has a missing arm and a chipped paint that looks like peeling skin. 

The winning doll and the runner-up will be on display for Halloween, but because of the success of the contest, the museum decided to extend the exhibit's stay The creepy contestants make up 24 dolls from the collection, which will be displayed at the History Center until December 1.