The Making Of A Great Romantic Novel
Sun, April 18, 2021

The Making Of A Great Romantic Novel

Romatic novels are only few objects that inspires every person's desires for love / Photo Credit: Roman Samborskyi via 123rf


Falling in love has been a very noticeable theme in literature ever since humans started to write stories. Romantic love continues to become a magnet for readers of any generation, all around the world. Because of this, countless stories of love and affection have been written and published, most of them showing how love endures the test of time. 

As kids, we already have a simple idea about what love is. Our mind is filled with the fantasy that someday, we will find the person who can make our heart beat faster than it should. The idea of being happily in love is then fueled by the romance novels that we read and films we watch. But, have you ever wondered what makes these romantic stories so exciting to read?


Romance writers must know how to make the emotions of the novel linger in the minds of their readers / Photo Credit: Dan Grytsku via 123rf


Know your readers

A Romance Writers of America (RWA) study showed that 65 million Americans read at least one romance-based novel each year. It is also said that half of the readers are married, while the others are college students. Serious Reading, a website that recommends the best book for all types of readers, mentioned in their article that romance is a pretty famous genre in different countries. 

The statistics show that around 22% of the romance-reading audience is male, but most of them prefer not to reveal the fact that they enjoy this book genre. Remember that if you want to start writing your own novel, you must consider all these facts in order to have a story that will draw your audience to read your works. Always practice having a different perspective for your characters, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other people around you. 

Never underestimate the opinions of your readers. Keep in mind that they are your audience and, as a writer, you will have to make material that will keep them entertained while reading your story. Romance novels are not just about showing how sexuality plays out in a relationship. A romance writer must know how to make the emotions of the novel linger in the minds of their readers by looking at the different sides of love that are usually felt by normal people. 



Make every character interesting

In every great novel, there should be characters that will stay in the minds of the readers after they turn the last page. Sandra Gerth, a writer and editor, shared on her website that the two main characters featured in a romance novel must be three-dimensional and lovable. 

Being lovable doesn’t mean that they should be perfect. For example, Will Herondale from Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices was a hard-headed and a grumpy young guy who also had a soft and lovable side. When he fell in love with Tessa Gray, the author effectively showed how his egotistical manner blended perfectly with his affectionate attitude with Tessa. Romance novels must show the characters’ flaws and imperfections with more depth. These will give the audience reasons why conflicts happen in the story. 

While it is expected that romance novels are filled with emotions, readers will look for books that will make them feel every inch of it. The author must know how to make every word encapsulate the growing emotional connection that the characters are feeling as they fall in love with each other. 



Have a full narrative

Contrary to what a popular song says, love is not all you need. HuffPost, an American news and opinion website and blog, states that a novel must focus on the two main characters, but if the narrative relies too much on them, the entire novel might seem small and petty. 

Being too involved in two central characters and their world can make the novel too limited. Consider the timeless classic Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet’s story would have been a stale one if George Wickham did not arrive or if Mrs. Bennet did not meddle with her daughter’s engagements. 

Readers will want to escape their reality by reading a nice book, so as a writer, you must offer them different worlds and perspectives that they can relate to and escape into. However, authors must be careful not to let the romance narrative be buried in the larger narratives to the point that the book becomes too complex. This means that there must always be a balance that the writer must establish as they continue to write a heart-stopping and breathless romance novel. 


Romance novelists must offer different worlds and perspectives that feed interests to the their readers / Photo Credit: mihtiander via 123rf


Accurate representation

Romance novels are also known for having content that is sometimes not appropriate for young readers. Although sex doesn’t always equate to romance, it should be noted that the novel must have a clear story that shows how the build-up of a physical culmination of romance happens. 

Authors must learn how to make an accurate depiction of how physical and emotional tension takes place. A lot of successful novels use delayed gratification as a way to attract readers, but it also has its limitations.