Utah Man Allegedly Murdered His Mom and Livestreamed Scenes on Facebook
Thu, April 22, 2021

Utah Man Allegedly Murdered His Mom and Livestreamed Scenes on Facebook


A 24-year-old man from Utah, USA allegedly killed his mom and live-streamed the stomach-churning scenes on Facebook, reports Metro UK.

Investigators of the case said that they have taken custody of the man identified as Jeffrey Langford after he gave conflicting statements about the death of his mother Graciela Holker, 45, in their home in North Salt Lake. 

Langford live-streamed the scenes on Facebook, saying that he saw his mother shoot herself in the face. One of the three live videos shows Langford crying and the bloodied head of his mother. He emphasized to his viewers that he did not kill her and that it was a suicide. However, he said that the woman was not dead yet and he needed to “finish it.” The court papers reveal that the second video repeated his suicide claim and he vowed that the would not go to jail. The third footage showed Langford saying that it was a “good send-off” for his mother; he was sobbing.


Photo Credit: Facebook via Metro


Concerned comments flooded the Facebook clips. In a subsequent interview with the police, the man admitted that he and his mother were drinking and she took a sedative pill. There were also two conflicting statements, the first one that Holker shot herself inside their home and the second that she committed suicide outside. 

When Langford was asked why he did not dial 911, he answered that he was scared that she might shoot him. A police report further reads that the handgun was found in Holker’s right hand but the police were suspicious since the revolver hammer was in the ready or cocked position. There were also three spent casings in the room of Langford. 


Photo Credit: Davis County Jail and ABC4 via Metro


The court has charged Langford with first-degree felony murder and second-degree felony obstruction of justice as he lied about the death of his mom.