Facebook Post By a Mom Defining True Friendship Goes Viral 
Thu, April 22, 2021

Facebook Post By a Mom Defining True Friendship Goes Viral 


A Colorado mom’s post about the face of true friendship has gone viral for its heartwarming message about the importance of friends. 


Photo Credit via North Colorado Moms Blog on Facebook


According to an article on Fox News, Kim Adams, who lives in Northern Colorado and runs the Colorado Moms Blog, was touched when she contacted her friend about her troubles, about how she didn’t want to be alone, and how her friend replied to her to say simply that she was on her way. 


These are those “on the way friends,” says Adams, and are usually the friends that we all have in our lives. In her long, heartfelt Facebook post, she told the story of how she tried to convince her friend to not push through with the visit. Instead, her friend simply insisted that she was attending to Adams’ desire not to be alone. 


On the way there, Adams’ friend went to pick up another friend of theirs. They then bought some food to bring and together helped Adams clean her disaster of a house. 


It’s at this moment, says Adams, that she realized that sometimes, in the hardest times of our lives, it’s not so bad to talk to the people we have in our lives who we know care about us a lot. 


“I needed my people today,” Adams says honestly. “I thought I just needed to call them up and cry about what was happening, and then while on the phone, my sweet friend asked me such an important question. She asked me to just say what I needed and wanted most.” This was when Adams said she didn’t want to be alone.


Adams ends the post saying: 



“Mama, if you’re going through a rough season… know that you don’t have to do it by yourself. You don’t even have to know what you need -- just start by asking to not be alone.” 


As of writing, the post has racked up some 106,000 shares and 33,000 comments as people found the message relevant and heartwarming. 



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