Someone Remixed the Alphabet and People Are Not Liking It 
Thu, February 2, 2023

Someone Remixed the Alphabet and People Are Not Liking It 


Its primary purpose might be educational, but the alphabet song is the first song that most of the world associates with their own language. Now, someone has offered a new remixed version of, a proposition to take away the tongue-twisting “LMNOP” part and rework it better. 


Just the idea displaced many on social media, and when they heard the song, the reactions were hilarious. 


According to Yahoo News, offering reports on current events locally and globally, the new spin on the classic song made so many people uncomfortable. Naturally, they decided to air out their displeasure on social media. 


Photo Credit via Noah Garfinkel on Twitter


The song remix, posted by writer and comedian Noah Garfinkel from the YouTube account “Dream English Kids,” suggested a slower pace as the song approaches the accursed “LMNOP” or “elemenopee” verse. The 7.2 million who heard it promptly lost their collective chill. Garfinkel’s tweet called the rendition “life-ruining.”


Comedian Nic Nemeth said that he will “not sit idly by, while the media conveniently pivot to more revisionist history!”. While it was fun watching comedians and those of us who live for the chaos of things have a field day on the new version, some people of the internet humbly suggested that it might help some children.


A Twitter user said that even as everyone is upset over this remix, it is also not the first time that someone tried to shake things up for the alphabet. 


The purpose of the change makes sense, though, if you look at what the change of pace is actually for. According to Yahoo News, the YouTube account that originally released it, “Dream English Kids,” made this version to “help non-native speakers learn English.” Since some countries and languages in the world don’t rely on this standard alphabet, the song’s aim is to help them understand the letters should they wish to learn them. 


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The song’s pace is changed so that the “LMNOP” stand out individually. Through this, the learners can understand the sound of each letter. 


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