DC Comics Shares Viral Heartwarming Art for #NationalImmigrantsDay
Wed, April 21, 2021

DC Comics Shares Viral Heartwarming Art for #NationalImmigrantsDay


DC Comics’ celebration and tribute for the #NationalImmigrantsDay went viral recently, touching the hearts of many on Twitter. As of writing, the post already has 12,000 likes and is being talked about 3,000 times. 

The drawing, which is pictured in The Hill website, is of Superman, one of DC’s most popular heroes, carrying giggling and happy immigrant children smiling and playing with his cape. A child can also be seen riding Superdog in the background, joining in the fun. 

“Immigrants make the Multiverse stronger,” the caption for the meme read, and honestly, so many people agree with the sentiment. 


Photo Credit: DC Comics on Twitter


Others also joined in on the hashtag and shared their own immigrant stories. Rep. Pramila Jayapal wrote in a tweet about how proud she is of her immigrant status, saying that she aims to “recognize the achievements and contributions of immigrants throughout American history.” 

Rep. Jessica Gonzalez also pitched in with her own immigration story. In her tweet, she explained how her mother immigrated to the US “to pursue the American dream.” With the help of her father, her mother built for them a life via a small business that would soon help Jessica acclimatize and be part of the country. 

Rep. Aravella Simotas wrote in her tweet, “I stand proud with my fellow #immigrants to say that we will not be intimidated. Diversity is what makes us great.”


Photo Credit: Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Rep. Jessica Gonzalez on Twitter


The first National Immigrants Day was celebrated back in 1987 to honor the many immigrants who helped the United States be the version of itself today. 

Since Donald Trump’s presidency, the topic of immigration has become a “lightning rod topic.”




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