“Woman Yelling at Cat,” Crocheted Alien, and Slimer: Creative and Viral Halloween Costumes
Sun, April 18, 2021

“Woman Yelling at Cat,” Crocheted Alien, and Slimer: Creative and Viral Halloween Costumes


Halloween is the perfect time to be spooky and creative. In this era, it can also be the time to go viral and get absolutely popular on the internet. You might just post a photo of your Halloween costume on the internet on one day, and get notifications from all around the world on the next.


Here are two viral Halloween costumes that have received appreciation globally.


The first is a meme costume impressively recreated of the woman yelling at a cat on the table meme. Only because it came out just recently, this Halloween costume quickly got people rolling on the floor laughing. 


Photo Credit via Cody Palm on Twitter


According to Distractify, this meme was based on the confused cat meme which was then attached to a scene from the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” that shows Taylor Armstrong originally “yelling at Camille’s friend Dedra in a 2011 episode.” In an interview with Mashable Asia, Cody Palm, the guy who recreated the meme as a costume, said that he originally wanted to just dress up as a pink power ranger but, in a stroke of genius, he decided to go with this fun classic. 


There’s no shortage of DIY costumes just like Cody’s on Halloween but, sometimes, people are so dedicated to making Halloween special for the special people in their lives that they don’t mind a little above and beyond effort just to make a costume the best it can be. 


An example of this is mom Stephanie Pokornym’s costumes for her children in the personas of the Xenomorph from the “Alien” movie and Slimer from “Ghostbusters.” These are pretty standard costumes for Halloween, the former especially because of its spooky potential, but what elevates these costumes in this instance is that the entire costumes were crocheted. 


Photo Credit via Crochetverse on Reddit


You heard that right; Stephanie is also known as Crochetverse on Reddit, so she decided to both flex her skills and give her children some of the most creative Halloween costumes of all time. 



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