The Most Classic and Weirdest Celebrity Memorabilia Ever Sold 
Mon, August 15, 2022

The Most Classic and Weirdest Celebrity Memorabilia Ever Sold 

Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Working Script during the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was sold in an auction for more than 800,000 dollars. / Photo credits by Alexpunker via Shutterstock



Different celebrities are remembered for different things. Some are remembered for their overall contribution to the world of cinema, while others are remembered for the work they've done off-camera, whether it be directing or writing films. Others have been fortunate enough to land iconic roles that defined their entire careers. 

In the case of iconic films and cult classics, there’s bound to be equally unforgettable memorabilia. In line with iconic items, though, there are also some rather weird ones that would make anyone scratch their head in confusion. Iconic or weird, here are a few of them.

The Classics

Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Working Script, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
Sold For: $811,615

When it comes to iconic roles in film, who could forget Hepburn starring in Blake Edwards’ “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Not the people at Hepburn’s auction, of course. According to business news website Business Insider, the working script fetched an impressive $800K at an auction of the star’s personal items in 2018. 

The auction also included “a tan Burberry trench coat, a black Givenchy cocktail dress” as well as another working script of Hepburn’s time on “My Fair Lady.” 

Kate Winslet’s Dress, “Titanic” 
Sold For: $330,000 

Yet another iconic movie, of course, was “Titanic,” a movie that arguably still breaks hearts to this day. Regardless of where you stand on that one scene (there was definitely more room on that door for Jack to have climbed on!), it’s safe to say that people far and wide wept at the loss of Jack. Years later, this hit of a film has become a classic and in an auction in 2012,  that timeless popularity translated to a $330,000 sale of Kate Winslet’s character Rose’s dress when she first met Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack. 



Kurt Cobain’s Old Cardigan
Sold For: $489,578

He may not have been a movie star but Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain was the icon he never wanted to be. In his artistry, he wanted to remain true to himself and thus eschewed the many qualities that are expected of celebrities when he was rising to fame. If he were alive today, best believe that he’d be extremely angry at his old cardigan being sold for nearly $490K. 

According to The New Daily, an online Australian newspaper, the cardigan was sold at a Julien’s Auction for rock memorabilia at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. It was even called “one of the most famous sweaters in music history.” As a little background for this, The New Daily explains that it was iconic for rock memorabilia collectors because it was the same sweater that Cobain wore in a session with MTV Unplugged in New York, five months before he died. 

The Weirdest 


Someone once bought then power couple Brangelina, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a 500 dollars worth of the couple's air placed in an empty jar. / Photo credits by Twocoms via Shutterstock


John Lennon’s Teeth
Sold For: $31,000

The Beatles and their music were timeless, and so is, it seems, one of their members’ teeth. That’s right, we’re starting the weird list with something weird. According to Paper Mag, a New York-based independent magazine focusing on fashion, popular culture, nightlife, music, art, and film, John Lennon’s tooth sold for $31,000 at an auction. Fanatic behavior can easily explain this phenomenon away, but it’s actually the first part of it--why the tooth ended up in the market in the first place--that’s weirder. 

Paper Mag reports that Lennon had originally given the tooth to his housekeeper as a… gift. Presumably, the housekeeper eventually sold the tooth in an auction. 

The Air Around Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Sold For: $530

Excited to be breathing the same air as then-together celebrity power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Well, so was a random person out there who actually bought a jar of “air that existed around Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.” 

So, what did that look like exactly? Well, an empty jar. Even then, the jar was actually sold for $530 to some person out there. It’s understandable if you like someone famous. There’s some part of our brain hardwired to be even the least bit fanatical about someone who we view as elevated from the rest of us, but this? The fact that someone actually bought it just makes this consistently bizarre. 

Justin Timberlake’s Unfinished French Toast
Sold For: $1,000

Finally, we have some unfinished toast for sale. If you thought selling hair or air on the internet is weird, then what about some unfinished, probably hard-as-a-rock bread that a celebrity ate but decided to leave out? Someone actually bought the unfinished toast of former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake.

The story goes that Timberlake was eating his breakfast one morning in 2006 in preparation for a radio appearance. That was when his unfinished toast was discovered and later was sold to a 19-year-old no less, who blew $1,000 for the piece of bread. It is unclear, though, if the fan relished the toast, if it had already gone bad when it reached them, or if the fan harvested Timberlake’s saliva to build a replica of him somewhere. Either way, weird.