Texas Bucklehead Breaks Record for Having the Largest Horn Span on a Steer
Thu, September 29, 2022

Texas Bucklehead Breaks Record for Having the Largest Horn Span on a Steer


A Texas longhorn has unofficially broken a Guinness World Record for having the largest horn span on a steer, reports British newspaper Daily Mail UK.

The six-year-old cattle breed called Bucklehead recently showed off his 11-feet and 1.8-inch horn span at Oklahoma’s Horn Showcase. Officials from the Guinness World Record are currently doing the paperwork before handing the official record so that Bucklehead will be part of the 2020 record book. The past record holder for having the largest horn span was Poncho Via, whose horn was measured at 10 feet and 7.4 inches (323.74 cm), more than twice the width of the grand concert piano. Poncho Via was seven years old when it earned the Guinness Record. Poncho also quickly became a local celebrity.


Photo Credit: Fox News


Bucklehead’s owner Marceala Gonzales, 14, is from Rocksprings, Texas. She said that she won the animal almost five and a half years ago in another show when her name was randomly picked. At that time, five breeders donated their steer to a raffle and Bucklehead was one of the animals. When the young Gonzales won, she was allowed to choose the steer she preferred and she chose Bucklehead, who was just six months old then. 


Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK



To safely transport Bucklehead, Marceala’s brother Leandro, who became Bucklehead’s exhibitor and handler at the age of 12, had to tape tennis balls to the ends of the animal’s horns. There is also a personal chauffeur to transport Bucklehead. The siblings’ mother Pauline Gonzales said that they have to be careful because Bucklehead is their “big baby.”  Pauline also shared that their longhorn participates in approximately 12 to 15 shows every year and they often load him onto an 8.5-foot wide trailer for safety purposes.

Bucklehead was bred by Brent and Cindy Bolen in Texas prior to the raffle that Marceala won. 



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