Australian Sheep Famed for Having the World's Heaviest Wool Dies
Thu, September 29, 2022

Australian Sheep Famed for Having the World's Heaviest Wool Dies


An Australian sheep who made headlines in 2015 for having the heaviest wool has died. This was confirmed by his caretakers and reported by American media company Fox News.

The sheep, named Chris, is believed to have lived for ten years. His caretakers from Little Oak Sanctuary believe that the cause of his death was old age. In a Facebook post, the sanctuary shared that they were “heartbroken” by the death of such a friendly, wise, and sweet soul. The sheep meant “so much more” to those in the sanctuary and will be remembered for being someone and not just something, the post reads.


Photo Credit: Little Oak Sanctuary via Facebook and Fox News


Chris was discovered by Sue Dowling in 2015 on the outskirts of Canberra, Australia. The animal was struggling to walk because of the weight of his fleece, which was not shorn for more than five years based on the length of the wool when removed. In that same year, the 40.2 kilos of wool were removed from the sheep and earned him the unofficial record for having the world’s heaviest fleece. Chris’ record dethroned a sheep from New Zealand called Big Ben. The NZ sheep were found to carry about 29 kilograms of wool a year prior to Chris’ finding. When Chris was spotted in the wild, he looked like a cloud with legs and was struggling just to stay alive. The shearing of his wool took about 45 minutes and was done urgently to avoid infection.


Photo Credit: National Musuem Australia via Fox News


Chris' wool was donated to the National Museum of Australia, who claimed that it was likely that Chris would have only had weeks to live if he was not found in the wild because he was vulnerable to heat stress and the warm weather approaching. 

Little Oak Sanctuary went on to say that Chris, the woolly sheep, had been living a “life of isolation” with only groups of kangaroos as his company for five years. “RIP dear Chris,” the group said



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