Husband Wrote a Book for His Wife Who Lost Her Memory During Childbirth
Sun, April 11, 2021

Husband Wrote a Book for His Wife Who Lost Her Memory During Childbirth


Couple Steve and Camre Curto from Michigan, United States, have been together for 10 years. However, Camre couldn't remember much of their love story after she gave birth to their son, Gavin. 

According to American TV show Good Morning America, Steve had to find a way to help his wife remember their years together so he wrote a book to document it. It was released on their fourth wedding anniversary. The book titled "But I Know I Love You" details the love story of the couple from the start.


Photo Credit: Steve Curto via Good Morning America


Although Camre, 31, admits she enjoyed it “very much,” she cannot really remember any of it. She said, “it’s kind of mixed feelings.” Steve, 38, shares that there was no sign of alarm during his wife’s pregnancy until the third trimester, when she constantly vomited. Camre was 33 and pregnant when her throat started to swell up and she was having difficulty breathing. Steve had to rush her to the hospital, where Camre experienced a grand mal seizure. 

The doctors performed an emergency cesarean and Gavin was only about four pounds, Steve narrated. Aside from the seizure, Camre also had a cataclysmic stroke that affected two sides of her brain, causing short- and long-term memories to be erased. This was confirmed by occupational therapist Jessica Smith, who helped Camre. Smith said that what happened to Camre is “extremely rare.”


Photo Credit: Steve Curto via Good Morning America


After giving birth, Camre had to stay in the hospital for a month. Her doctors believe that she had undiagnosed preeclampsia, which is a form of high blood pressure caused by pregnancy and which reduces the blood flow to the baby in the womb. Her husband explained that when Camre was already out of the coma, she had no idea that she had just given birth or who she was. She was also like a newborn, who didn’t remember how to do simple things like brushing her teeth and getting dressed.



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