Explaining The Purple Shampoo Challenge on TikTok 
Fri, September 30, 2022

Explaining The Purple Shampoo Challenge on TikTok 


It seems like every week, possibly even every day, there’s a new TikTok trend circulating that every teen on the platform wants to try out. Sometimes, these trends can be potentially dangerous and downright impractical; other times, they’re just misinformed. 


Take the #PurpleShampooChallenge for instance, piquing the interest of hordes of teens on the platform not only because the bottle looks like a professional hair product (it is), but also because its purple color and bottle look like it holds promise for anyone who wants to dye their hair purple. 


In a fast platform such as that of TikTok, the trend quickly took off, pulling countless teens into trying out the project without any prior knowledge of how to apply it. According to Allure, an American women’s magazine focused on beauty, there are several things other than misinformation in this trend. 


Photo Credit via @makeupbyabbyk and @rosewitdachalk on TikTok


First, cause for concern is the fact that these people are using Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights on dry hair, which is basically something you would do if you want to invite hair damage. The format of TikTok prevents anyone from knowing if the product really worked, although some users have gone on and completely documented their experiences nonetheless. 


Mady Lee on TikTok, known on the platform as @mxddxgg, says that the challenge isn’t so much a challenge as it is a stupid attempt at trying something no one really knows how to use. According to her TikTok explanation of the purple product, the purple only works for those who have blonde hair, since the purple will “pull the yellow tones out of blonde light hair.” 


Photo Credit via @mxddxgg on TikTok


“If you are going for a dark brown to a lighter color and your hair turns orange, you use blue shampoo because it pulls out the orange tones,” Lee says. “[If you] have a red tone in your hair, you use green shampoo or a green toner because it pulls out the red.” 


She ends the video with, “A lot of you don’t know because you’re not cosmetologists so stop.” 



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