Trump Supporter Who Went Viral in August Gets Arrested for Identity Theft
Wed, April 21, 2021

Trump Supporter Who Went Viral in August Gets Arrested for Identity Theft

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Right-wing organization AZ Patriots founder Jennifer Harrison has been arrested for identity theft after it was found out that she had stolen “the identity of another by accessing an elderly victim’s hotel points” and used them to “make hotel reservations in order to attend a rock music festival.” 


The Rolling Stone reports that Harrison has been in the media’s eyes before. She is best known as the lady who crashed a Tucson City Council meeting wearing a MAGA hat “while protesting an immigration proposal that would prohibit police from inquiring about a person’s immigration status.” 


The video quickly gained traction for Harrison and a companion’s brashness and their placard signs, but also because of the iconic #greenshirtguy, the guy in the video who had simply laughed out loud at Harrison’s protest. 


Photo Credit via Nick VinZant on Twitter


The video went viral pretty fast, with most people finding a kinship and relatability to the said green shirt guy. 


Now, Harrison is being charged with identity theft. 


According to a report by AZ Central, after she posted pictures when she attended the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento on October 11 to 13, it became pretty clear that the story checks out. The police said that after she was arrested, Harrison refused to cooperate at all and even made a scene in the police department.


In a recent incident, Harrison also claimed that she was at the Culture War event, which is a gathering hosted at Grand Canyon University where Donald Trump Jr. was a speaker. An Arizona Mirror reporter asked Reporters Without Borders, a Paris-based organization from whom Harrison allegedly acquired her press pass, about Harrison's claim.


Photo Credit via Human Rights and Democracy Network


Reporters Without Borders cleared the air and said that Harrison is not affiliated with them. Turning Point USA, the organizer of the event, remains mum on her appearance at the event or how exactly she got in it in the first place using false passes.