The Biggest K-Pop Fanclubs in China
Thu, October 21, 2021

The Biggest K-Pop Fanclubs in China

The five-piece South Korean boy band BIGBANG has the biggest fanbase in China with more than 11 million members. / Photo credit by KBS VIEW via Wikimedia Commons



K-Pop fan clubs can be really passionate about who they follow and are usually always in support of artists’ endeavors. The wide range of K-Pop acts means that different artists are famous in different places. Some are famous in certain cities while some are not.  

In China, here are the 10 biggest fan clubs of K-Pop artists. 

Fanclub Size: 11,653,000 

Newer and younger artists are more connected now to the international music scene. In the past, K-Pop was its own genre, largely relegated and more easily spread out over other Asian country neighbors. However, as the world welcomes more globalization, K-Pop music has been taken to other parts of the globe. One of the places that K-Pop thrived first the most is China, where the biggest fanbase belongs to BIGBANG, a YG Entertainment boy band comprised of leader and rapper G-Dragon, rapper T.O.P., and vocals Seungri, Taeyang, and Daesung. 

These days, it’s not possible to see them together because of the fact that Seungri was arrested earlier this year for running a prostitution ring. Still, it does not change the fact that theirs is the biggest fanbase in China. According to KBizoom, a website that offers readers the latest K-Pop news, photos, and viral videos, the extent of the consistent popularity of BIGBANG is shown best in the fact that they are still “beating out newbie boybands and girl groups every year in both awards and album sales.”



Fanclub Size: 6,737,000

Because the boyband he belongs in is the first in China, of course, it’s unsurprising that he runs second with a 6-million-strong fanbase. G-Dragon just got out of military training and yet he’s still making money from selling merch in Taobao, one of the largest shopping malls in China. 

Additionally, All K-Pop, a news source for everything K-Pop, reports that G-Dragon also has quite a lot of streams on all platforms in China. In this list, EXO is at the top, followed by BIGBANG, but G-Dragon is easily in fifth place with 448 million streams, which is a big deal considering he is the only solo artist in the top five chart to rack up that many streams. 

Fanclub Size: 4,685,000

EXO has been through so many ups and downs in their lives ever since they began with their very first single “History.” Now, the boys are significantly fewer, with some original members going on to pursue other projects. Be that as it may, they are still growing strong. This Chinese-South Korean band works under the supervision of SM Entertainment and has been incredibly successful in the Chinese market since SM decided to market them to both China and Korea. 

According to Koreaboo, another South Korean entertainment scene outlet, EXO has 4.8 million followers on QQ Music and sells over one million copies of each album they release. They cultivate this relationship with their Chinese audience, too, by consistently building the fanbase through big concerts in China. 

SNSD/Girl’s Generation
Fanclub Size: 2,664,000


Most famous for their electropop and bubblegum pop sound, the all-girl group Girl's Generation has more than 2 million members in China. / Photo credit by Pabian via Wikimedia Commons


They are the K-Pop world’s darlings. If 2NE1 catered to those of us who were more into edgier styles of singing and dancing and more honest and straightforward songs, 2NE1 was where we turned to. Girl’s Generation is the opposite of 2NE1, but both groups are equally amazing. In terms of fanbase size, though, Girl’s Generation wins with 2 million doting members following the careers of each one in the industry, even though the group has basically broken up by now. 

According to KBizoom, the five remaining members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona. Jessica, the older sister of another artist under SM Entertainment, Krystal from f(x), left in 2014, while Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun decided not to renew their contract with SM Entertainment formally. 

They are best known for their electropop and bubblegum pop sound and eventual foray into more EDM-sounding songs, a little hip-hop, and some R&B. 

Fanclub Size: 2,316,000 

Coming in with some 2 million fans as well, T-ARA is very popular in China as well. Just like SNSD, they are still popular even if they are no longer making music or touring together. They still have 2.3 million followers on QQ Music and have been said to win over the hearts of the Chinese fans thanks to their catchy music. Their music style is often considered unique and is connected to their “unique concepts” and “diverse” stage performances. 

KBizoom reports that they were “the first to be considered for invitations for many of the activities in China." The fact that they also share the position with K-Pop heavyweights like BIGBANG and SNSD speaks a lot about their talent and flexibility, successfully being able to match up to the best of the best. In terms of streaming, T-ARA also ranks pretty high--number three with 1 billion streams; 1,968,426,000 to be exact.