Mixed Up Decor At Haunted House Sparks Outrage
Fri, December 9, 2022

Mixed Up Decor At Haunted House Sparks Outrage


Holidays can be overwhelming and confusing. This is why one has to make sure that everything that is put in place is accurate, so that nobody will be offended by it. However, Fox News, an American conservative pay television news channel, reported on their website that a haunted house stirred controversy thanks to some poorly placed statues. 

This haunted house attraction, called Nightmare on Walcott Street in Connecticut, received a lot of flack from their visitors. They decided to cover two statues of the Virgin Mary with sheets at the requests of the mayor’s office. Some locals who visited the haunted house thought that the statues were part of the attraction, and they thought it was disrespectful to Catholics.


Photo Credit: Surasit Pitukpongphutorn (123RF)


The owners of the haunted house immediately posted their apology about the situation on Facebook. During an interview with Fox News, they confirmed that the statues of the Virgin Mary had been sitting in that location for years and were not associated with the Halloween attraction until this year. 


Photo Credit: Nightmare on Walcott Street/ Facebook


“They’re placed where they are at the restoration shop because we’re planning to restore them and use them for an upcoming 2020 Christmas nativity scene,” the owners posted on Facebook. They also added that passing judgment before knowing the real story is one of the biggest issues that society faces today. They said that judgment can create chaos and misinformation among social media users. 

Fortunately, the controversy did not affect the haunted house business. Renee Dearborn, who spoke with Fox News, added that they actually saw an uptick in business, but she clarified that this was not associated with the recent press attention. Dearborn said that about half of the visitors hadn’t even heard about the controversy.