Irish Woman Who Took a Photo of Herself on the Bronx Steps A La Joker Goes Viral
Mon, April 19, 2021

Irish Woman Who Took a Photo of Herself on the Bronx Steps A La Joker Goes Viral


Love it or hate it, Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” has made an impact since hitting theaters. It played around with a bunch of relevant if not controversial issues.


Photo Credit via Refinery29


Already, the movie makes its mark in the iconic stairs scene where Joker finally undergoes his transformation into his villain persona. These same stairs, located at West 167th Street in the Bronx in New York City, felt to Joker fan and Ireland native Laura Dorgan like the best place to try and get an amazing snapshot of her and her Fila shoes. 


Originally, shared Laura to the Irish news source Irish Mirror, the shot was only so she could flex the new Fila shoes she was wearing, a pair gifted to her by her husband, Michael Dorgan. 


Photo Credit via Laura Dorgan on Instagram 


Just like the rest of the photos we post on Instagram, it was supposed to only be a cute picture. To her surprise, the post garnered a lot of attention from all over the world, and soon she was waking up to messages asking for her post to be included in a myriad of different outlets in Singapore, Russia, and even Japan. 


Laura said, "A TV station in Tokyo messaged me to use it as an ad for there company! I love messing around and having fun on my Instagram stories, I just can’t believe it went viral.”


When asked how she was able to take such a perfect shot with all the tourists that have crowded the place since it was used in the movie, Laura told Irish Mirror that there were a lot of failed shots before she and her husband were finally able to pick the best one in the batch.


"I stood in place waiting to try and get a clear shot with nobody in the background and practically two hundred shots later, we got the perfect shot, it was the very last picture,” Laura elaborated.



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