Kathy Griffin Slams Anchor on KTLA Channel 5
Thu, October 21, 2021

Kathy Griffin Slams Anchor on KTLA Channel 5


Kathy Griffin continues to be a force of nature. In her KTLA Channel 5 promotional interview for her movie “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story,” she talked about her position in comedy and how, over the years, she was not able to get a decent job ahead although she had enough credentials on her belt. 


Photo Credit via Kathy Griffin on Twitter


A report from Yahoo News tells of how the interview turned a little sour, and Griffin was more than happy to show the clip on her Twitter account to prove a point she had wanted to make for quite a while now. 

Griffin talked about how hard it was to continue to strive in the comedy industry when she had not had “one single day of paid work” ahead of her in her life. Anyone who’s been into comedy, or at least listened to the many sob stories comedians tell about the industry, knows that what Griffin is talking about is far too real. Add that to the fact that women have to work twice as hard in the industry to be recognized.

Another co-host, Mark Kriski, interrupted her by saying that he felt as though there were comediennes her age that were still kicking it in the industry. Griffin dared him to mention five women off the top of her head. 

Kriski then came up empty when asked on the spot, saying that he didn’t know because comedy was not his “thing.”


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Griffin posted the exchange on Twitter shortly after and commenters found the shutdown hilarious. 

Now at a million views, Griffin has thanked all the people who threw their support behind her and hilariously asked them if they could show her “how to make gifs out of my facial expressions” because, she explained, she "couldn't stop laughing" at herself.