Robert Pattinson’s Five Best Viral Moments
Sat, April 17, 2021

Robert Pattinson’s Five Best Viral Moments

Everyone wants to take a dump on the Twilight saga regardless of whether it’s the book or the film iteration. While the saga does have some problems, it has become a cult classic exactly because of all the reasons that it’s hated. It’s imperfect and could have really been better but it also resonated with many people at the time of its release, such is the wonder of cinema. 


But perhaps the best thing to come out of the saga is Robert Pattinson himself, aka the quintessential Edward Cullen. Everyone who knows Robert Pattinson now knows he’s once gone by the name of Edward but look a little further down the man’s career and you’ll see he’s made quite a name for himself outside the mainstream. 


As his arthouse career took off, he became more and more himself and thus endeared himself to a fanbase who recognized that his beginning with Twilight is neither a bad thing for him or the story itself but in the humblest sense, an important milestone in his life. 


Turns out, Pattinson’s quite the quirky figure, with a hilarious Reddit AMA and a fanbase who have imbibed his many facial expressions and moods into the meme DNA. 


This is why international men’s magazine GQ felt it would be fun to rank all his memes that have gone around and celebrate his success as an actor. Ranked first is not necessarily a meme but the number of views and funny recreations of it proved its meme possibilities. The video, which was already viewed 9 million times, was of Robert Pattinson and Camille Rowe making out heatedly in the elevator for a 2014 Dior commercial. 


Photo Credit via Sephora on YouTube


Now, how is that related to the fragrance? Nobody knows but the memes it has birthed are national treasures. 


And what about that Matt Lauer takedown? Pattinson is known to speak his mind in talk shows and has been notorious for saying off-beat things in late-night shows as well since he had already dissected that the late-night show format can be somewhat, shall we say, limited. 


This takedown happened when Lauer asked Pattinson if he’d ever thought of joining the circus, to which Pattinson completely whips up a story on the spot about a clown in the circus he’d seen who died morbidly when his clown car exploded. 


Other than that, Pattinson’s hate and eventual love of the Twilight saga is probably the most relatable for many of us, especially since a lot of people clamored for Twilight back in the day only to circle back to the fever dream that it truly was. Nevertheless, older and definitely much wiser now, Pattinson now wants to thank her experience with Twilight for the experience and lauded the soundtrack for the movie as being “ahead of their time.” 


On a more NSFW note, Pattinson can also be remembered to have asked Jimmy Kimmel if he’d experienced being spat on during intercourse before. Obviously surprised, Kimmel said no as Pattinson laughed. Fans of his who’ve followed his love life claim that it’s something his ex-girlfriend, musician FKA Twigs would do, but just like that clown death story, we really have no way of knowing. 


Photo Credit via @ashonfilme on Twitter


And finally, though it’s incredibly meme-able, the story of how Pattinson bored his own stalker with the problems in his life seemed to really hit close to home for many in his line of work. He told the story of how he was in Spain while filming a movie when he was followed around by a stalker. 


“I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with [her]. I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back,” he recounts.