Man Grows 910-Pound Pumpkin And Makes It Into A Boat
Wed, April 14, 2021

Man Grows 910-Pound Pumpkin And Makes It Into A Boat


Halloween season means that a lot of pumpkins will be carved, and children will run around to ask for candy as they go trick or treating. However, a man from Tennessee decided to take his 910-pound pumpkin out for a spin in his pond. 

CNN Travel, CNN International's news travel website, shared that instead of making a giant jack o’ lantern or baking a massive pie for his family and friends, Justin Ownby decided to make a boat out of it. He had reportedly always wanted to grow a giant pumpkin, and had been trying to achieve this dream for the past four years. He had been attempting to grow a 1,000-pound pumpkin. 


Photo Credit: Christin Ownby/ Facebook


The farmer from Cleveland, Tennessee, had an extra special seed that he could plant in May. Christin, Justin’s wife, shared in an interview that this seed was from last year’s record-breaking pumpkin which weighed more than 1,700 pounds. “He was out there daily watering it, covering it during the heat of the day and making sure the beetles didn’t get to it,” she added. 

Once the pumpkin was done growing, the pumpkin was put onto their trailer. Because of its massive weight, they had to ask for help from their neighbors, who also owned a huge scale. Christin said that it’s the biggest pumpkin they have ever seen in their entire lives. She claimed that the largest one weighed 220 pounds. 


Photo Credit: Christin Ownby/ Facebook (via CNN)


When Justin hollowed out the pumpkin to harvest the seeds, he decided to have fun with it. He plunged the pumpkin into the pond in the family’s property and carved a hole where he could fit his body. With an oar in hand, Justin started to paddle around the pond, and Christin showed her support as she recorded her husband’s adventures and posted it on Facebook. 



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