Apple Watch Called 911 After Man Fell During A Hiking Date
Mon, November 29, 2021

Apple Watch Called 911 After Man Fell During A Hiking Date


Most people believe that having an Apple Watch is a waste of money. After all, watches are made to tell the time, so why would it need to have additional features?

People, a website that provides news about celebrity and human-interest stories, a New Jersey man credited his smartwatch for saving his life. This smartwatch helped him and his date after they fell from a cliff when they were lost while on a hiking date. James Prudenciano and his date, Paige Paruso, were walking through a hiking spot called Hartshorne Woods Park when they got lost after nightfall.


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The 28-year-old man said in an interview that as they were walking through the darkness, the couple found a cliff which they believed would lead to solid ground. But after they attempted to go down it, they were shocked to see that there were only rocks and a river. 

“We got to the bottom and that’s when it was life or death, I looked down and I noticed it was a straight drop to rocks and water, “ Prudenciano said in an interview. Then, when his foot got jammed, Paruso fell from the ledge and suffered a minor injury. Prudenciano fell soon after. 


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During the incident, Prudenciano’s Apple Watch automatically called 911 and sent messages to his mother. These text messages included his location. Prudenciano’s Apple Watch is part of the Series 4 and 5 editions of the device with a “Fall Detection” feature. This allows users to automatically notify their emergency services once the smartwatch detects a hard fall.  

Thankfully, the two were eventually rescued by boat and taken to the Hackensack Meridian Shore University Medical Center. After this harrowing event, Prudenciano said that he will still spend time amongst nature.