Indian Man Nabbed After Eating Sloth Bear Genitalia
Thu, January 27, 2022

Indian Man Nabbed After Eating Sloth Bear Genitalia


Fox News, an American conservative pay television news channel, reported on their website that an Indian man was arrested after authorities claimed that the man, Yarlen, cut off and ate sloth genitalia in order to boost his sex drive. 

According to the report, Yarlen was taken into custody after being on the run for years, police said. “We created a special cell to track him down and arrest him,” Ritesh Sirothia of the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department said in an interview. The police claimed that it was the longest chase they had been on as it went on for six years. 


Photo Credit: MP WILDLIFE STF (via BBC)


The police officers followed up with the lead after they were notified about the sloth bear carcasses missing genitals. Their remains were found in Kanha National Park, and authorities claimed that Yarlen is part of a nomadic tribe called Pardhi-Behelia. This tribe lives in forests and, in order to survive, they have to hunt in the area. 

Aside from hunting, the tribe believes that animal genitals can be an effective aphrodisiac. Yarlen already had a criminal record after he was arrested for cutting off two south bears’ genitals and their gall bladders. The man spent a year in jail; he was released in 2014 when he made bail and fled. 


Photo Credit: iStock via Fox News


The police authorities made the lead after they connected Yarlen to the poaching of endangered wild animals in the area, including tigers. He is also connected to at least six cases of animal poaching, according to the reports. 

BBC, a British public service broadcaster, explained that the hunting of wild animals is illegal in India. Tribal communities’ ritual forest hunting activities are not an exception. The Indian government is currently working on providing the tribespeople with new livelihoods.



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