A Look Back at the Oddest and Nastiest Celebrity Social Media Feuds
Sun, April 18, 2021

A Look Back at the Oddest and Nastiest Celebrity Social Media Feuds

Social media app Twitter is the platform where most celebrity fights happen on social media. / Photo credits by Bloomicon via Shutterstock



Celebrities can get really nasty on social media, especially on Twitter. Over the years, the jokes, feuds, and misunderstandings have already been buried by tons of new tweets, but the intrigue that people felt while being exposed to these feuds is unparalleled. 

Without further ado, here are some of the oddest and nastiest celebrity feuds in history. 

The Oddest

Alec Baldwin VS. American Airlines

Well, we did say odd. According to a list created by BuzzFeed, a leading independent digital media company, Baldwin’s feud with the airline ended with him getting banned from flying with them, but how did it start? 

It began through a little game called “Words With Friends.” The story goes that Baldwin was playing “Words With Friends” when a flight attendant kicked him out of the flight for it. It sounds pretty outrageous, but the story unravels even more. American Airlines said that Baldwin had been in the wrong because he “declined to turn off his cell phone when asked to do so at the appropriate time.” American Airlines then added that, in his rage, Baldwin sequestered himself to the lavatory even when the seatbelt light was on for departure. After he slammed the door of the lavatory, the crew became alarmed and eventually kicked him out of the flight. 



Linsday Lohan VS. Goose62082

“The internet” has both brought us together and divided us at the same time. Lohan wanted to throw down with Twitter user @Goose62082 long before she probably knew that there were people on the internet who could use burner accounts (surprise!). The moment was captured with Lohan hilariously capitalizing “THE INTERNET” and tagging Twitter in the tweet for the threat she received. 

Charlie Sheen VS. Rihanna

How about some unprovoked warfare? Then look no further than Charlie Sheen attempting to rip Rihanna apart by ranting on Twitter about that one time Rihanna didn’t agree to meet Sheen and his fiance for dinner.

Outraged, Sheen then took to Twitter and went on a long, almost disjointed rant about the incident. It included a few zingers. For instance, he said it wasn’t Halloween yet, so why was Rihanna already “testing out” her costumes?

Rihanna responded without naming Sheen, but everyone knew who she was talking about, including Sheen himself. Sheen issued a rather barebones apology perched on an equally precarious call-out, saying, “dear @rihanna, pardon my inane self-indulgence. let’s have a drink someday (on me).” He included a heart emoji in his tweet.

The Nastiest


The genesis of the whole Kanye West - Taylor Swift beef is when West stole the mic from Swift's at the Grammy's back in 2009 and insisted that Beyonce should have won the Best Female Video award instead of her. / Photo credits by JStone via Shutterstock

Kim Kardashian VS. Taylor Swift (Also kind of VS. Kanye West, too)

Kanye West and Taylor Swift have been on bad terms for a while now, ever since Swift was just trying to make her mark on the industry. West stole her thunder in that very public Grammy moment when he insisted that Beyonce should have won the Best Female Video award, and since then, it had been understood that they had made up. 

However, that isn't the case anymore. West released his song “Famous,” sparking drama once again. The song contained lyrics pertaining to him engaging in intercourse with Taylor Swift and had a line he’d written allegedly without Swift’s permission--or so she says.

According to More.com, a lifestyle and entertainment website, the peace between Kardashian and Swift ended when Kardashian, the wife of West, took to Snapchat for a jaw-dropping exposé. West was videotaped by Kardashian while he was in the studio at the time that he was calling her and asking her permission to include the lyrics to the song. This was after Swift denied West asked for her permission, which put Swift immediately in hot water after the incident and proved that the West-Swift beef would continue on. 

Nicki Minaj VS. Cardi B

The Nicki-Cardi feud is one that’s been a sleeping giant since 2017. Of course, the industry would find it funny to pit two female artists against each other to the point that they get into a catfight. Nicki and Cardi did get into a catfight, which made headlines not only for the reason that everything seemed fine during the 2018 Met Gala, but because after the said catfight, Cardi B walked out of New York Fashion Week with a bump on her head and stories of her throwing a shoe at Nicki circulating. 

It got worse when these things were confirmed by the footage taken of it and shown on TMZ. It became even more of an issue when Nicki addressed the events of the night on Queen Radio, her own radio show. 

According to an article by American teen magazine Seventeen, Nicki spoke on Queen Radio about the incident, which only prompted Cardi B to speak about it too in a slew of Instagram videos. Though it’s pretty obvious that they’re not going to be besties any time soon, they said that they wanted to just focus on “positive things” for now.