Mom Sits Next To Son During Class To Teach Him A Lesson
Thu, January 27, 2022

Mom Sits Next To Son During Class To Teach Him A Lesson


Parenting is already hard as it is. There is no guarantee that children won't behave badly as they grow older. Recently, a mother decided to discipline her child in a funny way after he misbehaved. 

Metro, the UK's highest-circulation print newspaper, reported that a mother named Becky Crandley walked into her son Harley’s class in Sittingbourne Community College in Kent. She went viral after she was hailed a hero for "gatecrashing" her child’s math class for a "surprise" experiment.


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Becky had already warned her son about his bad behavior at school. She told him that if he did not improve on his attitude, he would come to school with him. Unfortunately, Harley failed to change his behavior, considering that when school resumed, Becky received emails from her son’s teacher about two incidents of bad behavior.

These incidents triggered Operation Mummy Bear. “It all started last year with his behavior changed, it’s part of growing up, I think, but it's his rudeness and disrespect I cannot stand,” Becky said in an interview. She claimed that she received many phone calls regarding her son’s behavior. She realized that the detention and isolation imposed by the school to punish Harley never worked.


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Becky said that she shared her plans with the school administrators. They accepted her plans, and at 2 p.m., she went to school. Harley had no idea that his mom would come to his school, so when his teacher introduced his mother to the class, he was extremely embarrassed.

“I think more parents need to act upon their children’s behavior. It’s scary to think what we will leave behind one day,” Becky said.



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