Woman Skips Work for Jam Session at the Beach As an Act of Self-Care
Wed, April 21, 2021

Woman Skips Work for Jam Session at the Beach As an Act of Self-Care


Florida-native Savannah Cristina took all her problems to the beach to sing about it, and it went viral. 

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, a source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends, the singer-songwriter felt like the self-care (the same title of the song she sang while on the beach) moment was much-needed, considering everything she was going through at the moment. 

The beautiful moment was captured in a short video she posted on Twitter and later a video she put up on YouTube. With her equipment perched on a foldable table on the sand, Cristina sang her heart out about her mental health. 

Needless to say, it resonated with many users on the internet as 30,000 commented under the sweet, soft song. 

One user who listened to the song even asked if she was on Spotify (she is) because she was her “new obsession.” 


Photo Credits via Twitter


Another user lauded Cristina for coming in just in time for her own hard moment in life. One other user said the song successfully gave their soul “peace and tranquility” as well as “balance” to their minds. 

As of writing, the video she posted on Twitter has already rucked up 2 million views. Cristina, when asked about what made her do it, said: 

“Music is my life. Music is my priority. I don’t care what else is on hold; I have to do what I have and that’s exactly what I did and it actually ended up getting more traction than my last video, which also went viral and I was like ‘wow.’ I made a sacrifice and the timing was perfect and now here I am.” 


Photo Credit via YouTube


Later, Cristina quote-retweeted her own video with the caption, “Safe to say one of my co-workers sent this to our supervisor.

Though the supervisor was not necessarily upset about the duplicitous incident, they still talked with her when she returned. Eventually, Cristina had to be real with herself and what she wanted. She said she is grateful that they heard her out and sat down with her, but that it was high time for her to chase after her dream. 



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