Bride and Groom Opt for a 5K Run Instead of a Wedding Dance
Thu, September 29, 2022

Bride and Groom Opt for a 5K Run Instead of a Wedding Dance


Louise and Wil Gardner met at a training session at their local running club in 2015, bonding over their shared interests with jogging and running, according to Ellen Scott of British print newspaper Metro. Louise moved to Australia in 2006 to live with her former husband, but their relationship ended. She met Wil while she was going through a divorce. At that time, Wil was in a relationship and befriended Louise for 18 months. They spent their time running together. 



Photo Credit: Peaches on Sunday Photography/SWNS (via Metro)


Wil’s relationship ended in mid-2017, prompting the man to ask Louise for a lunch date. She explained, “The running link kept us connected and the more we ran together the more I realized I liked him.” They bore a daughter, who’s now one-year-old, and while they were on holiday in Kyoto, Japan, Wil proposed. 

Given their background, it’s not surprising for the couple to go for a run at their wedding. Louise and Wil replaced their first wedding dance with a 5k run around the park. At first, the pair joked about it, but they ended up pushing through with their idea.



Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Peaches on Sunday Photography/SWNS (via Metro)


The couple invited 60 or so guests at their wedding on 14 September. They requested their guests to don their best sweatpants and running gear. After the ceremony, the Gardners and their guests went to the starting line of Newy Parkrun, Newcastle, Australia. The couple was set to race at 8 a.m. 

Wil wore a shirt and a waistcoat with his trainers, while Louise paired her footwear with a white gown. Guests and 622 runners joined for a race around Thoresby Creek. Wil stated, “We didn’t want to create a massive fuss so we decided not to have a first dance and to run the race instead. It was magical, a lot of fun and so beautiful with all of our friends and family there.”





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