Couple's Failed Attempt At Imitating A Pinterest Photo Goes Viral
Sat, April 17, 2021

Couple's Failed Attempt At Imitating A Pinterest Photo Goes Viral


Alyssa Snodsmith, 23, and Collin Hewett, 24, attempted to recreate a Pinterest photo for their engagement photoshoot, but they found out it was harder than they thought, as written by Faima Bakar of Metro, a print newspaper in the U.K. The couple first met at a university in Chicago, Illinois. They got engaged in August and their wedding is set for June 2020. 

Alyssa and Collin already sent invitations, but they wanted to take a few special shots to send to friends and family. Alyssa took to Pinterest for inspiration, where she found a photo to recreate for their engagement shoot. The couple asked their photographer friend Chandler Lefever to take a photo of them chugging a bottle of champagne. 



Photo Credit: Brianna Bender (via Metro)


The original photo was captured by Brianna Bender who photographed a couple pouring champagne into the woman’s mouth. Alyssa and Collin messed up when they attempted to mimic the photo. Collin shared the image on Twitter, amassing almost 500,000 likes. He captioned, “So me and Alyssa took our engagement pictures yesterday. She found a Pinterest picture that she wanted to try and recreate…I botched it.”

Alyssa was drenched in fizz and fortunately, Chandler managed to take an excellent shot. He did not reveal it to the couple until he edited it. Alyssa and Collin were entertained with the photograph. Collin told Metro, “We love our version! It just shows who we really are! We’re always having fun and joking around and it was cool that it got captured.” 



Photo Credit: Chandler Lefever (via Metro)


However, little did they know that the photo of a couple Alyssa found on Pinterest also struggled with the shot. Brianna explained to Metro, “Our champagne shot wasn’t totally planned! Alex and Tammy (clients) brought a bottle and popped it open to drink on the blanket during the shoot.” She yelled at Alex to pour champagne in Tammy’s mouth. Alex ensured he would pour nice and slow, but ended up spilling champagne on Tammy.