Get Ready! Popeyes Is Bringing Back the Chicken Sandwich Due to Popular Demand
Thu, April 22, 2021

Get Ready! Popeyes Is Bringing Back the Chicken Sandwich Due to Popular Demand


After all the fan clamor, Popeyes is happy to announce that their chicken sandwich will be making a comeback to their menu in early November, during which they will be “hiring hundreds of extra workers to handle the hype.” 

According to a report by Business Insider, a business news website, the relaunch will be held in 150 franchise-owned branches and will, therefore, need an additional 400-strong team of new employees.

The popularity of Popeye’s chicken sandwich is no joke; Business Insider reports that when they released it on August 12, it quickly began the topic of a debate on Twitter over which joint had the better chicken sandwich. 



Popeyes went neck and neck with Chick-Fil-A during that time, and greatly surpassed them and won the debate. This brought Popeyes into the good graces of the public and soon they were taking orders for the chicken sandwich like crazy. Because of that initial hype, Popeyes says they were so floored by the reaction of the people for the product that they had been unprepared to handle the situation. 

Business Insider writes: “The tweets went viral, prompting a massive demand for the sandwich that outweighed the supply and forced employees to work hours of grueling shifts, sometimes without breaks. 


This time, Popeyes wants to be prepared, just as the fans of the sandwich are also probably preparing for long lines once the burger is relaunched. 


The 400 new employees that Popeyes will be adding is seen to have a positive effect on the release of the sandwich, and this big number would then be divided as two new people will be added per store. 


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In a statement, Popeyes said: 

“We have been working diligently to bring the sandwich back to our restaurants soon, as we know our guests are anxiously anticipating its return. As soon as we’re ready to announce a date, we will let the world know.”



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