Man Gets Trapped In A Massage Chair, Posts Tweet For Help
Thu, January 27, 2022

Man Gets Trapped In A Massage Chair, Posts Tweet For Help


There are a lot of massage shops in malls. It's a great way to relax after a day of walking, These massage shops are also often less expensive than other massage establishments, because they offer seats that do the massages electronically instead of people who could massage customers by hand. However, clients can still enjoy a very satisfying experience once they try it. 

According to The Independent, a Russian-owned British newspaper that was established in 1986 as a politically independent national morning paper published in London, a man was forced to call for help on Twitter after he got locked in a department store. The reports say that the man fell asleep in a massage chair. 

After he fell asleep because of the massage, he awoke to a deserted shop floor. He claimed that he dozed off in an electronics store in Japan. On his Twitter account, the sleepy customer posted photos the moment he discovered that he got locked inside the shop. 


Photo Credit: @_Asphodelus/ Twitter


Posting with the handle @_Asphodelus, the user uploaded different photos of a dark and empty interior. In the photo, he put a caption: “Oh man, I’m locked in!” The photos also show the mall named Ks, and gates that were completely shut. Reports say that to get out of the mall, he triggered an alarm that notified the police, and he managed to get in touch with the shop’s manager.


Photo Credit: Amazon

Later on, 10 police officers finally came and searched for him inside the mall. The officers on the scene had to confirm that the man was not a shoplifter, and after he proved his innocence, he tweeted that he had finally gotten out of the mall. 

The manager has apologized to the man for the incident. He claimed that his staff didn’t notice that the man was still in the chair when they were locking up the store.