Kid Wears Hotdog Costume For ID After Being Dared by Parents
Mon, April 19, 2021

Kid Wears Hotdog Costume For ID After Being Dared by Parents

Everything is more fun when we, even as parents, are able to have a good laugh with our kids. Such is the case with Craig and Kari Arsenault, parents who dared their 9-year-old son Jake to wear a hotdog costume “for school pictures.” 

It’s a pleasant surprise to see it for sure, and it’s even more refreshing to know that Jake’s school, Biddeford Intermediate School, didn’t seem to be put off by the idea. Yahoo News reported that prior to wearing the costume, Craig and Kari still wanted to make sure that they got the school’s permission.

It seems like kind of a good deal if you really look at it, since Craig told Jake playfully that he would give his son $10 if he would wear the costume. 


Photo Credit via Craig Arsenault on Facebook


Craig said he even convinced his son by saying that he thought that if Jake were to do it, it would be “legendary.” Legendary it is, because after the shot went viral, Jake’s hotdog costume ID has now received 7,000 reactions on Facebook and 6,000 comments. 

A user appreciated and lauded the relationship of Craig with his son, as well as the leniency of the school. 

The user wrote: 

“Congratulations to your son having an awesome day and the school being what all schools should allow, children being children. This is truly beautiful.”


Photo Credit via Pixabay


Craig said in a separate interview with USA Today that some parents and users did reach out to him regarding the fact that he had posted his child’s face online. All Craig had to say to that was that he was not worried at all, and that “Jake also posed in regular clothes for a separate copy of his school ID."



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