Hundreds of Passengers Held On Runaway Due to A Diarrhea Outbreak
Sat, April 10, 2021

Hundreds of Passengers Held On Runaway Due to A Diarrhea Outbreak


“Hundreds” of people queued to see a hotel doctor after a diarrhea outbreak occurred at a five-star TUI resort, detaining passengers on the runway, as reported by Joe Roberts of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Jody Black spent a huge part of her holiday confined to her bedroom’s toilet.

According to Black, “hundreds of guests” at Hotel Riu Touareg in Cape Verde were queueing to record themselves as sick with the hotel’s TUI rep. A guest wrote a hilarious review on TripAdvisor, saying her “intestines came crashing down in a typhoon of sweetcorn and sewage.” Black stated there was a “smell of sewage” wafting all over the restaurants and “flies over the food.” The resort’s main pool was closed for the whole day for a “deep clean.” 



Photo Credit: TripAdvisor (via Metro)


TUI’s “resort team” sent a letter saying that a “small number” of guests started manifesting symptoms similar to gastroenteritis, a highly contagious disease. Its symptoms include vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. 

Sick guests were instructed not to leave their rooms and to avoid going to public pools, restrooms, and restaurants for 48 hours after the signs have subsided. Black stated, “The hotel doctor is fully booked until the day before we are due to fly home. Pool guests are in the toilets spilling their guts and then hopping back in the pool.” The doctor charged her €200 ($220) for “an injection and six different types of medications.” 



Photo Credit: Metro


Alternatively, Seema Thomas had an amazing time with her husband, although she was worried about the number of guests falling ill at the hotel. There were lines outside the doctor’s room and her flight back to the UK was detained on the runway at Manchester Airport. Thomas told Metro, “We had to wait for a medical team to check before they gave the ok to leave the plane. ‘The passengers who declared themselves ill were asked to remain behind on the plane to be assessed further.” 

Reviewers took to TripAdvisor to narrate their experiences with the “gastrointestinal bug.” A TIU spokesperson explained that customer safety is their “number one priority.”



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