The Top Asian Beauty YouTubers to Follow
Thu, January 27, 2022

The Top Asian Beauty YouTubers to Follow

Beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan, who started her vlogging career in 2005, has the most number of subscribers among Asian beauty vloggers. / Photo credits by Jess Pink via Flickr



The beauty community has expanded to welcome all kinds of interest in make-up and skincare routines for every type of skin tone and preference. If you want a light look for your olive skin, there’s bound to be something there for you. If you want to go a bit grungy and flex the edgy vibe you’ve got going on, best believe there’s something out there for you, too. 

What’s amazing is that there are also other beauty YouTubers of different ethnicities that can cater to those that have been overlooked: those of us with monolids, eye shapes that are challenging to put eyeshadow on, and maybe even threadbare eyebrows. 

In Asia, some of these are common facial challenges that need technique and practice, and it’s so much better learning them from other Asian YouTubers and beauty vloggers as well. So, here are the top Asian beauty YouTubers. 

Michelle Phan (@MichellePhan), 8.8 million subscribers on YouTube

These days, Michelle isn’t as active on YouTube as she was back in the day as one of the OG beauty YouTubers on YouTube, but it doesn’t mean that her following has stopped. Thanks to Michelle, a lot of Asian beauty YouTubers found their niche in the wider online beauty community, and this list proves just that. 

According to Nylon Pink, a travel and fashion magazine, her very early beginnings can be noticed in her 1 billion lifetime views on YouTube. She began way back in 2005 before the boom of YouTube, and before anyone even figured it out that there were ways to make money off of video posts. 

Promise Phan (@promisetamang), 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube

As Michelle Phan’s sister-in-law, Promise is also successful in the beauty community. The 28-year-old is insanely talented and has therefore been able to build “a very successful brand for herself.” She has 4.5 million subs on YouTube and 992,000 followers on Instagram. She was able to steadily grow her fanbase by transforming herself into celebrities using makeup. Just recently, she did a make-up look a la Maleficent in preparation for the sequel, but she is also unafraid to recreate other celebs like Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, and even Ed Sheeran. 



Jenn Im (@imjennim), 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube

Beauty products also span the fashion world, though most of the beauty community does tend to center around make-up. Clothes Encounters, a.k.a. Jenn Im, is a Korean-American beauty influencer who has been recognized as a “master of skincare,” according to Teen Vogue. Skincare is arguably as important as a makeup routine.

Like many others in the beauty community, Jenn has collaborated with other make-up brands such as ColourPop Cosmetics, who she made her “Jenn Ne Sai Quois” collection with. The collection includes four eyeshadows and a lip product. 

Vivian Vo-Farmer (@viviann_v), 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube

With her to-die-for tan and perfect beach waves, Vivian Vo-Farmer is a Seattle-based beauty influencer that’s got an equally amazing Instagram feed to match. She built her popularity through posting 'get ready with me' videos, vlogs where YouTubers take the time to do their make-up and engage with their audience about it before they leave for work or some related event. 

Vivian also puts up Q&A content and provides “insight into her life as a popular beauty influencer.” 

Karen Yeung (@iamkareno), 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube


The beauty community on YouTube has different varieties of videos ranging from make-up to skincare routines that are available for every type of skin and preference. / Photo credits by kinkate via Pexels

There’s just something light and ethereal about K-beauty sometimes, and Yeung certainly knows how to wield the power afforded by the world of K-beauty. Despite that, Yeung can still rock graphic eye make-up. According to teen magazine Teen Vogue, Karen was born in Hong Kong and eventually moved to LA. 

Yeung is also known for her “glowing complexion” and the “cool color combos” that she endorses as a “go-to beauty guru.” 

Sichen Chan (@sichenchanmakeupholic), 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube

Sichen Chan has an impressive 1.3 million subs on YouTube and, honestly, why wouldn’t she? The content she posted that skyrocketed her popularity was her SNSD-inspired make-up look which drew largely from the “I Got a Boy” music video in 2012. Since then, the 28-year-old YouTuber has been rising to popularity, reports Hotpot TV, a website offering new dramas, variety shows, documentaries, and movies. 

She also jumps back and forth between doing K-celeb inspired make-up and some naturally sultry looks to even quirky, bubbly spring-inspired looks. 

Jen Chae (@frmheadtotoe), 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube

A “self-professed artist at heart,” Jen Chae is a creative and beautiful force--even her Instagram gives off such a unique and calming feel to it where she posts pictures of her family and friends. Over on YouTube, she’s also pretty big and, like Michelle Phan, she began long before YouTube knew to monetize their users’ content. 

She started blogging in 2008 “while still pursuing a career in design and freelance makeup artistry.” From there, she turned to make-up to try and “encourage others to be comfortable in their own skin.”