Rihanna Takes a Bow As Old Song Sparks Hilarious Memes
Tue, April 20, 2021

Rihanna Takes a Bow As Old Song Sparks Hilarious Memes


Sometimes, the idiosyncratic nature of the internet and its people can be really bothersome. There’s a whole world out there of straight-up weird stuff that exists for no other reason than it’s funny, subreddits that seek out only entertainment and joy in the strangest possible way, and years and years' worth of video footage now that can easily be turned into memes if anyone fancies. 


Because of this kind of online culture, Rihanna’s vocal prowess at the start of her career is going around again thanks to a perfectly cut piece of her song “Take a Bow.” Like many memes, this one will only be funny if there is a prior understanding of the collective pulse of the internet, namely, if you can dissect the layers that make the meme funny. 


In this case, the meme is approximately just a two-layered joke structure repeated each time. 


According to Teen Vogue, the part of the song that was used in the newly-formed memes were the lines “That was quite a show / Very entertaining.” Listening to the song now, it’s no surprise people were able to pick up on its sarcastically hilarious possibilities. 


Photo Credit via @g0ld3nretriever on Twitter


The meme spread fastest on Twitter where one user, @g0ld3nretriever, tweeted: 


‘“Do you watch Succession?”’


‘Me, lying:’


And then the video meme of that part of the song is attached. 


Due to its funny nature, many users have taken advantage of the endless possibilities and wrote out other shows that may have been hyped by some people in their lives but ended up being a disappointment. Another user posted the meme to describe how they felt watching “Family Guy” with their boyfriend in high school, while another one used the meme to describe (not sarcastically this time!) the Reputation tour by singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, and popstar Ariana Grande’s Sweetener world tour. 


Photo Credit via @spinubzilla, @inagetawaycar, and @nucleargrande on Twitter


Vanity Fair describes it as a meme that people are now using to “express disgust, shock, or utter love.” 



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