Comedian and Host Hasan Minhaj’s Statement on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Win Goes Viral
Fri, December 9, 2022

Comedian and Host Hasan Minhaj’s Statement on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Win Goes Viral


In a political race, sometimes the options can be a little limited. Truly, in most cases, it’s simply a game of lesser evils.


The same can be said about the Canadian reelection, which according to comedian and “Patriot Act” show host Hasan Minhaj, is exactly that. The reelection was a tenuous one, especially since Trudeau fell out of the grace with the public leading up to it, only to win it all again in the crunch. So many of the divisive opinions about Trudeau’s ensuing political career might have been the reason why Minhaj’s statement, which he shared at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit on Tuesday, resonated with so many people.


 The clip, where Minhaj talks about the discriminatory secularism bill (among many other issues) with the prime minister himself, showed just how out of touch Trudeau has become. 


Trudeau might have been the dream candidate for a while for Canada, but as soon as his scandals cropped up and piled up on him, the sooner everything went sideways. 


Photo Credit via Cara Howe/Netflix 


As the video made rounds, host Kal Penn at the Vanity Fair Summit brought up the question to Minhaj, who was a guest there. Penn asked, in the wake of the equal parts successful and equal part “needs work” episode, how Minhaj was able to really get into what made Trudeau’s reelection bid complicated. 


Photo Credit via Comedy Central


If you follow Minhaj’s career from the Daily Show, you’ll see that he’s not actually afraid or intimidated by world leaders in interviews like this. In short, this isn’t Minhaj’s first rodeo. What Penn wants to know, though, is how exactly Minhaj and the writers of the show tackled the issue of Trudeau’s very different actions to his promises. 


Vanity Fair reported that Minhaj acknowledged that Trudeau is “obviously” the better choice for Canada, but he also went on to say that it shouldn’t erase the fact that he has done some pretty unsavory things as well. That’s the issue here, he says--the issue of how one deals with the “imperfect progressive” Trudeau.



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