Jameela Jamil Calls Out Male Comics Poking Fun at Marginalized People
Mon, August 15, 2022

Jameela Jamil Calls Out Male Comics Poking Fun at Marginalized People


Jameela Jamil has punched down against punching down, a term describing the act of making a joke at the expense of a less powerful or more oppressed group. 


Jamil has been known to shut down these kinds of things whenever they surface, and in this particular case, she wants to let everyone know punching down doesn’t work for her or much of modern society because she believes it is nothing but “lazy humor.” 


In tandem with promoting her new show, “The Misery Index” with co-host Joe Gatto, Jamil’s hope is that more of us punch up instead of punch down. This exact tactic is the humor that will be present in “The Misery Index” where the goal is to rank “hilarious real-life situations.” In this case, Jamil explains to BuzzFeed News, “We’re not punching down on marginalized people. There’s no bigotry, there’s no laziness. It’s just sort of like old-fashioned slapstick.”


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As a simultaneous darling of the message of female empowerment, Jamil also finds herself in the public eye for various other reasons, all brought on by the reputation she has managed to make of herself as an outspoken activist on both social media and real life. Jamil has always been vocal about her opinions and often sources them from incredibly personal places as well as the experiences of other people around her who might be going through the same things. 


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Just recently, she spoke out against “Joker” director Todd Philips, who instantly became a hot topic for blaming the recent “woke culture” for why he left comedy. 


Jamil explained that Philips is just terrified of those same marginalized groups having something to say about things pertaining to them now, something that the internet has made easier. 


She said, "People who've had the right to say whatever they want for the longest time suddenly feel like something has been taken away from them, but all you have to do is step outside of yourself and expand your mind and just try, ’cause there are loads of people out there being funny without needing to bully anyone."


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