Video of Teenage Boy Triumphantly Finishing a 10-Patty Burger Goes Viral
Mon, October 25, 2021

Video of Teenage Boy Triumphantly Finishing a 10-Patty Burger Goes Viral


A kid eats a burger with 10 patties sandwiched between the buns. What Mashable Asia finds rather interesting about this particular amateur video is more connected to the skills these kids are unaware they are developing for themselves.


For Mashable Asia, the Asian arm of the global, multi-platform media Mashable, the video is nearly forgettable, or at least it would be, if not for the stellar reaction shots peppered in throughout the video. 


Photo Credit via @blakereynoldz on TikTok


According to the report, the burger challenger was 17-year-old Texan boy Ethan Mueller, who said he wanted to try and “beat the previous record of eating a 7-patty burger.” The TikTok video, which now has 600,000 likes and 22,000 shares, starts off with a receipt that lists each patty, cheese, and bread in the burger. After that, it cuts immediately to Mueller and the behemoth of a burger in his hands. 


Blake Reynolds, who is also from Texas and who shot the video, then proceeded to switch between focusing on Mueller’s seemingly impossible task and the reactions of the people in the diner to the said challenge. 


Mashable Asia writes, “From the quick zooms into Mueller's face to the jump cuts of horrified/gleeful employees, the TikTok bundles the gamut of human emotion into 57 seconds. Distress. Pride. Heartbreak. Despair. Then, absolute determination and victory. It's all there, captured on vertical video.”


When asked about Reynolds’ process for the way the video played out, he said, “The way I shot it made it tell a story, building suspense for when he actually finished it. Viewers would all feel like they just witnessed the impossible.” 


Photo Credit via Shutterstock


Reynolds did share the harrowing aftermath of Mueller’s challenge: Mueller threw up. However, he said that Mueller didn't seem to be daunted by a little puke. Mueller might even try to finish 12-patty burgers next time, but “who knows,” Reynolds says. 



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