Airline Draws Flak for Terrifying Staged “Hijacking” Drill 
Fri, December 3, 2021

Airline Draws Flak for Terrifying Staged “Hijacking” Drill 


An airline has drawn the public's attention for having a hijacking drill onboard a plane, terrifying a lot of the passengers. Regardless of the fact that the airline only did the drill to “help staff deal with terror attacks,” it left many viewers and passengers on the plane confused. 


The airline, a Mexican company called Interjet, then went on to clarify that the video, which already made the rounds on social media, was actually part of Interjet’s initiative to try and help passengers know what to do in case of terror attacks. 


Photo Credit via Mirror UK


However, since context can very easily leave the door on social media, many people who have seen the video from the comfort of their own home have felt afraid of the drill. While this reaction is understandable since they still did not know at the time that it was a drill, the dialogue from the clip still bothered them. 


As reported by Mirror UK, a website offering the latest UK and world news, the line that most passengers felt concerned about was when one “kidnapper” said, “there is no more time, we will start killing passengers.” 


From that line alone, the clip garnered attention and surfed the profiles of social media users about 34,000 times. 


It would have been fine if there was a prior explanation to the video, but since it was uploaded without this explanation, Interjet got into hot water. Because of this, many people have shared the video thinking it was real, and therefore incited fear among everyone else, what with the internet being a connected web of people. 


Photo Credit via Mirror UK


The true story, as explained by the airline, is that the plane used in the drill actually wasn’t in the air and was parked at the Ciudad del Carmen International Airport. The airline said they knew the kidnappers were only actors and that the whole drill was designed to make sure that the staff themselves knew what to do should a similar situation arise.



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