Kylie Jenner’s “Rise and Shine” Wake-Up Call for Daughter Stormi Goes Viral
Fri, December 9, 2022

Kylie Jenner’s “Rise and Shine” Wake-Up Call for Daughter Stormi Goes Viral


Many people tune in regularly to see what the Kardashian family is up to. Last week, though, almost all of Twitter and Instagram took a phrase Kylie said and ran with it, producing countless memes and funny videos of it, even some celebs joined in on the fun. 


Before it exploded as an admittedly hilarious meme (and before it was later monetized in Kylie Jenner’s merch shop), it was a simple off-beat tune Kylie sang when she came into the room of her daughter Stormi. It was an office tour video that had Kylie go around her company’s headquarters and talk a little bit about the places in the building. 


One of these rooms was apparently her daughter Stormi’s room, who she woke up with by singing the musical greeting, “Rise and Shine.” 


Screenshots from Kylie Jenner “Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour” on YouTube


Obviously first thought to be merely niche-hilarious, it eventually caught the attention of Kylie herself, who retweeted the memes and found them funny. She even went so far as to post her photoshopped smiling face on the sun baby’s face from the Teletubbies shows. 


Ariana Grande also joined in the fun as she recorded a video with her own version of the phrase “using a starry eyes filter on her Instagram stories,” according to entertainment news outlet In jest, the “thank u, next” singer even asked Kylie “if she could sample it in a song.” Kylie gleefully gave her permission, so long as she’s “in [the] music video.” 


Screenshot from Miley Cyrus on Instagram


Another star on Instagram who took an interest in the meme is Miley Cyrus, who “playfully shared a video edit that put Jenner on The Voice audition stage, with the judges instantly turning their chairs in awe of her ‘Rise and Shine’ performance.” Cyrus even made a cover of the 2-second lyric with her new beau Cody Simpson on Instagram.



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