The Top Beauty YouTubers of 2019
Fri, December 9, 2022

The Top Beauty YouTubers of 2019

The controversial and owner of cosmetics line Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jeffrey Steininger is also known as Jeffree Star is the most followed YouTube vlogger in the beauty sphere. / Photo credits by DVSROSS via Flickr



YouTube’s beauty community has had a successful couple of years despite the ups and downs to be expected from a tightly-packed industry. From make-up hauls and make-up tips to hacks on quick 5-minute glam and dedicated time-lapse videos of helpful make-up looks that require more focus and artistry than most, the beauty community has probably explored every possible thing they could use make-up for. 

As a result, the purveyors and the faces that make this content possible also gain a lot of following and attention from it.

Jeffree Star (Jeffrey Steininger), 15,766,668 subs

He is as famous as he is controversial; Jeffree Star is the most talked-about beauty YouTuber to date. He’s been in feuds with many in the industry and it seems like whatever he does, so many people are watching. Why wouldn’t they, when Jeffree has been well-known in the internet-sphere long before he even dipped his toes in the make-up industry? Before he became a business mogul for his own cosmetics line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, influencer marketing platform Upfluence reports that he was also a singer/songwriter. 



Nikkie Tutorials (Nikkie de Jager), 12,236,306 subs

At the top of the list of data curation site Feedspot’s Top 100 Beauty YouTubers is Nikkie Tutorials, a hair and make-up artist from the Netherlands. She has been able to grow her fanbase since going viral back in 2015, when her video “The Power of Makeup” was spread across the internet and helped her really launch herself out there. 

Since then, according to international software company Wondershare, her professional make-up artist skills have helped her amass a following of people who are on the lookout for the best source for beauty tips. 

Tati (Tati Westbrook), 9,800,936 subs

It looks like her falling out with fellow beauty YouTuber and former friend James Charles has not stopped her from slaying her brand. The 37-year-old began uploading in 2011 and has since grown her fanbase for people who, like her, are always looking for “unbiased product reviews, tips, hauls, and tutorial videos on drugstore and luxury beauty products.” She usually uploads new videos twice a week.


Joining the list of top beauty YouTubers of 2019 are Nikkie Tutorials, Tati, Jaclyn Hill among others. / Photo credits by twinsterphoto via 123rf


Jaclyn Hill, 5,911,030 subs

Jaclyn Hill got into a lot of issues after she released toxic lipsticks around July. Many on social media complained about her products shortly after receiving them, sharing pictures and clips of her lipsticks that were filled with air holes, mold, and even little white hairs. Jaclyn was quiet for a while when that happened but eventually took to YouTube to put up an apology and explanatory video about all the products. 

However, fans and consumers were enraged when the apology she posted was more of a non-apology. She did say she would refund anyone who got the dirty lipsticks, but many say she should have just recalled everything altogether. 

Manny MUA (Manny Gutierrez), 4,801,551 subs

A lot of the big names in YouTube’s beauty community right now started off with make-up tutorials: it was the easiest content to put out when YouTube was just figuring out where it stood with the explosive number of viewers who flocked to the platform so easily. This is why Manny also began with tutorials to grow his channel, where he also adds other vlogs and videos of moments in his life that he wants to share. 

He has already shared his coming out story on YouTube, reports, a news and information website based in New York City. Manny grew up Mormon and when his parents first found out he was gay after reading a letter he wrote for a boy, they sent him to counseling, thinking it would revert him back to being straight. However, after his parents realized he was getting depressed, they halted the sessions and instead told him they just wanted him to be happy.

Wayne Goss, 3,657,429 subs


Just like Nikkie Tutorials, Goss is a professional make-up artist himself, backed by his 15 years of experience. He made his mark on the industry by producing videos and content that aims to “break down” the basics as well as the many complexities of the make-up industry so that they become “easy manageable segments” which can then be useful to many people. 

Goss includes call-outs in his channel, too, to warn consumers and people on the internet to not fall for bad beauty trends and fads, something his 15-year experience can afford him the credibility to say. 

Shaaanxo (Shannon Harris), 3,219,571 subs

Steering a little away from the main circle in the beauty community, Shaaanxo, also known as Shannon Harris, is another YouTuber who has gained success and recognition through her videos and vlogs which were inspired by other beauty YouTubers she had watched as well. According to Upfluence, Shaaanxo also owns her own cruelty-free cosmetics line called xoBeauty and has worked with both Clinique and Smashbox in the past.