Top-Earning Beauty YouTubers 
Wed, April 14, 2021

Top-Earning Beauty YouTubers 

Huda Kattan, Jeffree Star, James Charles among others are some of the top-earning beauty YouTubers with net worths as high as $550 million. / Photo credits by kritchanut via 123rf



Beauty YouTubers are part of the drama machine that makes the YouTube-sphere energetic. This kind of behavior leaves much to be desired, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t successful in their endeavors. Perhaps it’s actually because of their involvement in and tendency to begin beauty community drama that’s helped them climb the ladder of popularity in the first place. 

Whatever it is, it seems to be working if their net worth is any indication. Here is a glimpse of the biggest names on YouTube dealing with the beauty industry and how much they’re worth as of the moment. 


Huda Kattan, $550 million

What happens when you start off in the beauty community and strike gold by capitalizing on the industry and releasing your own makeup line? You get a net worth of $550 million, that’s what. Kattan is the woman behind this success. Her YouTube following is at 3.7 million so far and her videos have been viewed a grand total of 131 million times. Her move to YouTube would not be possible, of course, if it weren’t for her Instagram success, which remains to have her strongest social media presence where she has 27 million followers. 

In case you still haven’t figured it out, Kattan is the mastermind behind Huda Beauty, which lifestyle news website The Richest describes as a “billion-dollar makeup brand” that has so far and wide a reach there is probably no aspiring beauty YouTuber who wouldn’t know the brand. 


Jeffree Star, $50 million

Known for his occasionally scathing but truthful reviews about the latest makeup releases and a brand he himself has painstakingly grown, Star is worth millions of dollars. Long before YouTube adopted a slightly more profitable business model and partnered with YouTube personalities for content, Star was already connecting with people and building his fanbase through that. He was a musician, too, and was even signed by Akon a long time ago before he truly found his calling as a makeup artist. 

The number of views is a whopping 1.5 billion on YouTube and he makes money with his own cosmetics line on top of his already profitable YouTube channel. 



Michelle Phan, $40-$50 million

If it weren’t for Phan, the beauty community might not be as vibrant as we know it today. According to Elle, a worldwide lifestyle magazine, Phan’s success on YouTube as early as 2006 eventually led her to a continuing career in beauty, although her main focus now is her own beauty line, Em Cosmetics. 

Nonetheless, all the advice and beauty tips she was able to give even in those early days will remain with her fans to this day. Sadly, she no longer uploads videos on YouTube, but her fans support her in other business ventures anyway. 


Kandee Johnson, $4 million

Barbie-like and a talented makeup artist, Johnson has grown her empire with “celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials” and risen in popularity up until a point where Kim Kardashian herself collaborated with her on a Jasmine-inspired makeup video. She has 3.9 million subscribers and her entire video catalog has collected a total of 450 million views. 


One of YouTube's pioneer in the beauty sphere is Michelle Phan which places at the third rank of top-earning YouTube beauty vloggers. / Photo credits by Digitas Photos via Flickr


Zoe Sugg, $3.2 million

Sugg joined YouTube in 2007 and quickly rose to fame, thanks to her accessible makeup tips. Let’s face it, not a lot of us have time in the morning to achieve va-va-voom looks and perfect our winged eyes so that we look like cover girls in a magazine. Sugg understands this and thus has created a family of her own on YouTube by making sure that everyone can wear makeup even when they’re on the go. 


James Charles, $2 million

Yet another beauty YouTuber that drama and controversy won’t leave alone is 19-year-old Charles who, over the years, has rolled with every possible punch that came his way and somehow managed to wobble to the top of the heap. He is now worth a couple of million dollars and, despite having gone through so much controversy, still has 15.8 million subscribers on YouTube, as revealed by business news website Business Insider. Charles has gotten into a pretty big beauty community feud earlier this year, which ended very messily. 



Jaclyn Hill, $1.5 million

Last but not least is Hill, the insanely successful YouTuber with her Jaclyn Cosmetics line, who has recently been insanely publicly dragged down by a controversy after a make-up release went horribly wrong. The beauty community exploded after receiving Jaclyn’s biggest lipstick collection with, let’s say, a little bit of “unwanted materials.” 

It’s the biggest scandal in Hill’s career thus far that has forced her to log off and deactivate her social media accounts due to the intense backlash. Business Insider reported that she did return to social media afterward but only went on YouTube to upload an apology video to “address the concerns” surrounding the lipsticks. Despite the issue, she still has 5.9 million subscribers.