Woman Completes Grueling 10k Endurance Race With Her Hi-tech Peg-Leg
Wed, April 21, 2021

Woman Completes Grueling 10k Endurance Race With Her Hi-tech Peg-Leg


43-year-old Emma Tysoe completed a 10k race at the Wolf Run event with the support of her friends and runners while overcoming man-made and natural obstacles. This was reported by Natalie Morris of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper, Metro. In June, Emma broke her ankle when she fell while bouldering. She was confined in a hospital for one week and underwent surgery to insert two screws into her ankle. 


Photo Credit: Peachysnaps (via Metro)


Emma was told “not to bear any weight.” She started to fear crutches and did not move for three weeks. While using the crutches, she kept falling and injuring herself. She narrates, “I became too scared to move, so I literally just stayed on the sofa all day, every day, apart from when my husband took me out at weekends in a wheelchair we hired.” Emma became depressed and she thought about the possibility of missing the Wolf Run event due to her injury. 

However, Emma tried to do anything to participate in the event despite her broken ankle. “If you complete four Wolf Runs in a year, one in each season, you get Alpha Wolf status,” she explains. She told her friend her intention to back out from the event, but he persuaded her to try. Emma adds, “Having something to aim for really kept me going.”


Photo Credit: Peachysnaps (via Metro)


She completed the 10k race wearing an iWALK2.0, a special hands-free crutch that allows users to stay mobile. Emma’s friend, who is an amputee, once used the device. Emma decided to use the hi-tech peg-leg, which made a significant impact on her recovery and mental well-being. She was nervous during the race. However, the people who cheered her on were her driving force. 

Emma reached the finish line in less than six hours, making it her 23rd World Run in five years. She remarks, “It was an incredible day and my determination to finish combined with the support I received along the way kept me going.” 




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