Bride Makes Her Four Grandmas Her Flower Girls
Wed, April 14, 2021

Bride Makes Her Four Grandmas Her Flower Girls


The role of flower girls is normally given to younger relatives. But according to Ellen Scott of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro, that was before. Nowadays, one can simply find traditions upended but with good and even heartwarming results. This is the case of one bride named Lyndsey Rosy who recruited her four grandmas to act as flower girls for her wedding. 

Rosy’s squad was made up of great-grandmother Kathleen Brown, 90; the groom’s 70-year-old grandmother Joyce Raby; and Rosy’s grandmothers Wanda Grant, 76 and Betty Brown, 72. All women were dressed in matching jackets and lacy blue dresses. 


Photo Credit: Natalie Caho Photography/Facebook (via BoredPanda)


Wedding photographer Natalie Caho shared on Instagram a photograph of the bride hanging out with the flower girls. Each flower girl held a special bag with the words “Here comes the bride” on the front. Caho captioned her post, “I’ve seen a lot of cute flower girls in my day, but these four gals take the cake.” The photo amassed comments from users who concurred with the idea of involving older relatives at a couple’s wedding. One person wrote, “Beautiful! All five of them! The backbone of humanity—mothers and grandmothers.”


Photo Credit: Natalie Caho (via Metro)


When Rosy’s now-husband asked to marry her, she knew she wanted her grandmothers to be a part of her wedding day, as reported by Kelsey Borrensen of HuffPost, an American news and opinion platform. She remarked, “I felt so blessed to have them all here so I wanted them to be involved too. I do believe they were more excited than the bridesmaids.”

Natalie hoped that the photos from Rosy’s wedding will inspire other people to deviate from the norm during their wedding days. She asserted, “If you’re on the fence about having something outside the ordinary at your wedding, just do it.”



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