Teenager Who Started Growing Pumpkins as a 13-Year-Old Now Has the Largest Pumpkin Farm in the UK
Thu, April 22, 2021

Teenager Who Started Growing Pumpkins as a 13-Year-Old Now Has the Largest Pumpkin Farm in the UK


James Maxey started growing his own pumpkin farm as a hobby when he was 13, stated Ellen Scott of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. Now 19 years old, Maxey owns the largest pumpkin farm in the UK. He employs 35 staff to run Maxey’s Farm, which is open seven days a week from 9 to 5. 

Customers can get as many pumpkins as they can and pay depending on the fruit’s size. Prices range from £2 ($2.57) for smaller pumpkins to £10 ($12.85) for the largest one. What’s strange about Maxey going into this business? He doesn’t even like pumpkin, which people find odd considering he grew pumpkins on a whim. He admitted, “I roasted one last year because I thought I should at least try eating one but I wasn’t keen.”


Photo Credit: Tom Maddick/SWNS (via Metro)


Maxey and his parents, Keith and Katherine, have to grow more pumpkins each year to keep up with demand. In previous years, the farm ran out of pumpkins before Halloween. According to Maxey, he “only grew enough pumpkins to sell to his friends” for additional pocket money. After seven years, he harvests 25,000 pumpkins each autumn. Currently, his family has “grown a massive stash” to enable people to carve their jack o’ lanterns. 

How does Maxey do it? First, he purchases thousands of pumpkin seeds from a Lincolnshire-based supplier. Then, he plants the seeds with a converted planter attached to a tractor. Maxey quit school at 16, as his business was already booming then. He explained, “I started when I was 13 next to the farm shop with a little half-an-acre field with about 200 pumpkins in it, which I sold to my school friends. Every year I planted more and more and now I’ve about five or six acres.”


Photo Credit: Tom Maddick/SWNS (via Metro)


Leftover pumpkins are chopped up and plowed into the soil. The soil around the farm’s area “has quite a lot of clay,” which helps their pumpkins “maintain their deep, dark orange color.” In the supermarket, pumpkins tend to appear “quite light and almost yellow.” Maxey added, “I have always wanted to be out and could never sit in a classroom or anything. I have always got to be out doing something.”




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