Authorities Nab Emu Using A Sock
Wed, April 21, 2021

Authorities Nab Emu Using A Sock


Recent reports from Fox News, a media broadcasting website, have baffled the internet. A Massachusetts community told the police that they were being terrorized by an emu.

After the police officers in the said city spotted the tall creature, they were astonished and left clueless as to what to do next. The authorities claimed that their police training didn’t prepare them for that kind of situation. Police said that it left them with “little to no training in corralling large birds,” but they did whatever they could to finish the job and keep the citizens safe from the emu. 


Photo Credit: 123RF


Based on a Facebook post by the Franklin Police Department, they worked on finding the owner of the emu. When the police contacted animal control, they located Kathy Gatchell, the emu’s owner. In an interview, she said that she has no idea how her emu got out of its pen, but the owner also added that it is the emu’s natural skills and disposition that made it a very high-risk escapee. 

Gatchell described emus as creatures that are “very difficult to catch” and not “very friendly.” Those who tried to find the emu spent an hour in pursuit of it through the woods. The owner, who joined the bird hunt, said that the bird “didn’t let us get too close, as soon as we got close she’d run.” 


Photo Credit: Franklin Police Department (via Fox News)


There were several attempts made to lure out the bird. Someone had an idea to play emu noises, and when the bird approached them, Sgt. Jason Reilly, one of the officers on duty, decided to take "his sock off and put it over the emu’s head.” This method surprisingly worked to calm the emu down. 

After the successful bird hunt, the cops led the bird home together with its owner. Emus are the second-largest bird by height, after ostriches. 




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