Man Blocks His Brother's View of the Sea By Building the Thinnest House Ever
Tue, April 20, 2021

Man Blocks His Brother's View of the Sea By Building the Thinnest House Ever


Forget asking a sibling to fetch you a glass of water while they remind you of all the “sins” you committed! Recently, a man from Beirut, Lebanon took sibling pettiness to the next level, reports Faima Bakar of the UK’s highest-circulating newspaper Metro. The Lebanese man was vexed with his brother inheriting the family land and “constructing a building on it.” His way of gaining revenge for the injustice he faced? Sabotaging the house. 

The vexed man constructed the thinnest house he could in front of his brother’s building. He did not want to be neighbors with his sibling. Rather, he did it to block his brother’s view of the sea. Locals in Beirut’s Manara area shared the story of the thinnest house that was constructed in the 1950s after a feud ensued between the siblings. 


Photo Credit: Sandra Rishani (via Bored Panda)


The house may be the thinnest inhabitable building in the world, although it was used as a brothel before it served as a shelter by refugees who fled the war. The house ranges in depth from four meters at its widest to sixty centimeters at its slimmest. It even came with two flats on each floor! Now, the building symbolizes the man’s bitterness with his sibling. The thin house is narrow, which has made the property lose its value.


Photo Credit: Sandra Rishani (via Metro)


Interestingly, the man conceived a sinister name for the house: Al Ba’sa or The Grudge in Arabic. The story was shared by urban planner and architect Sandra Rishani, who was tasked to research on a forgotten story of Beirut for a book. She wrote in free and independent e-zine Jadaliyya, “I spotted right in front of me a 14-metre-high edge, no wider than one metre! I had passed it many times before, had even looked at the facade, thinking, ‘What an intriguing, abandoned low-rise building with a sea view.’”




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